2014 Jeep Liberty Spy Photos

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  • touringtesttouringtest Member Posts: 5
    Is the much-needed upgrade the conspicuous self-destruct button on the dash?
  • hlislehlisle Member Posts: 8
    As long as the Wrangler soldiers on as the most capable 4wd vehicle, I'm good with what ever keeps Jeep afloat...
  • darthbimmerdarthbimmer Member Posts: 606
    As if the Compass/Patriot turds weren't bad enough for damaging Jeep's reputation, now the Liberty is being turned into a crossover? I bought a Cherokee (XJ) ages ago and loved the niche it filled. A small-ish, wagon-bodied, go-anywhere SUV. With an optional inline 6 that really hauled. I would buy a modern one if such a thing existed. Instead we're getting another me-too soft-roader. And Chrysler's 3.6 V6 won't even be an option? Ooh, but I can get a 9 speed transmission. NINE SPEEDS. 3 more than anyone really needs. That *totally* makes up for everything they're taking away.
  • throwbackthrowback Member Posts: 445
    I guess this will replace both the Liberty and the Patriot.
  • openeyes1openeyes1 Member Posts: 22
    @darthbimmer; You seem to forget that with the exception of the Wrangler, more than 90% of Chrysler's SUV's never go off payment.
    Most people buy these gas pigs SUV's to sit high, block the view of car drivers, and use the extra wide seats for their ample
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