2013 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet Long-Term Road Test

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    My wifes 2013 VW GLI says 95 RON or 91 on the gas door. I wish we could get 95 coast to coast. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octane_rating
    towards the bottom see Regional Variations very interesting to see how high the octane is Vs. USA
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    Don't blame Porsche for CARB's stupidity.

    BTW - quite a few 997.1 owners experience(d) occasional pinging on 91 octane (even Tier 1 gas). Many of us will blend some very expensive 100 octane when tracking our cars to try and alleviate. It sucks, but such is the price of living in this crazy state.
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    thats asking for trouble. lol.
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    Come to Japan! Where standard hi-oc gas is 96 octane!
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    get you some octane boosters? import some gasoline from another state?
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    I do like how Porsche clearly displays that their recommendation is "octane rating" which is the average of MON and RON. However, it is unfortunate that few people understand the distinction between MON and RON, and confuse the pump octane in foreign markets as being significantly higher than what we can get in the USA. It is more or less equivalent to the 93 octane rating available in most states. As for 91 in California, I highly doubt that there will be any pinging or damage to vehicles using 91 given modern engine control systems, and the fact that these vehicles are sold all over the world and in places where high octane would not be available. If the engine were to regularly ping on 91, do you really think Porsche would warranty the engine for the entire period? Go ahead and put 100 in there if it makes you feel better, but the car will experience absolutely no increase in longevity as a result.
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    Much of the US West of the Rockies is a 93 Octane free zone.
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