2014 Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition Starts at $125,050

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    "They made up their minds a long time ago that they would have a 911 when they reached a certain stage of life."

    Maybe....I was 8 when the 911 first appeared in 63 but it really didn't get on my radar until the 72RS and 75 Turbo and definitely with the 80 911 SC. I remember telling my Mom in 80 when we saw a brand new red SC at Palm Beach Marina....that I will own this car someday. Flash to 2007 and instead of buying a used 911 Carrera I purchased a brand new Boxster.....Now in 2013 I think I could make due with a "basic" 2013 911 Carrera ...although at 80k or so it still too "dear". 125k for a 50th anniversary just seems "silly face" as my niece would say. I may never get there but at 60 I will retire ...and the money is there ...so .....maybe
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