2013 Tesla Model S Long-Term Road Test

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    Pretty neat feature. I know some cars already have similar features (some Chevy's, not sure about others) but I can't see myself using it with a gas-powered car, as I hate leaving the car with the engine idling un-necessarily. I don't think it would bother me at all to use it with a fully electric model like this one.
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    Do you have children? If so, do they have gps tracking chips in their shoulders? All kidding aside, that is a pretty cool app. So I assume that the Tesla is always partly on, which may be why the charge goes down a little at night. I'm not sure as I'm not battery expert.
  • smudge12smudge12 Member Posts: 19
    "Not sure if it is consuming a small amount of energy while it rests..." I think the whole post answers that question. The Tesla's gotta be using energy to constantly monitor itself for those live updates. ;-)
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    "It's like having a baby monitor for your car."

    Great line Donna. Thankfully there are still some old cars around for those of us who like to tinker.
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    I thought that there was a software update to combat the vampire power loss when parked, and I thought this car had had it done.
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    Being able to turn on the HVAC before you get into the Model S and while it's still plugged in is a huge advantage. HVAC use is highest when you first get in (since you need to cool/heat the car more than when you're in the middle of your drive), and if it's still sucking juice out of the charger when this is happening you'll get slightly longer range I'm guessing.
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    This post sounds like the basis of some nice prank once another editor checks out the car...
  • mfennellmfennell Member Posts: 91
    GM's OnStar theoretically provides similar functions but it sucks. The latency is outrageous. Think a minute wait for a response or worse. It sounds like the Tesla system, with a proper data connection, actually responds nearly instantly.
  • miedenmieden Member Posts: 75
    Not a WHOLE minute...
  • mayhemmmayhemm Member Posts: 6

    Yes, they did originally have a "standby mode" for the car which reduced vampire losses overnight, but then removed it in subsequent updates due to it causing problems (cars refusing to wake up, IIRC).
    They've since reintroduced it i
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