2015 Subaru WRX Full Test

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However, for those in the know, whose automotive geekdom most likely includes a turbocharged Subaru in their own garage, the new 2015 WRX is guaranteed to cause a double-take. It's the car they've been dying to see, read about, drive and possibly even purchase.

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  • paisan7_paisan7_ Member Posts: 2
    The interior went from real ugly to just plain ugly.
  • rj_xtrail_2rj_xtrail_2 Member Posts: 16
    and you are a BS, paisan7, because I like the New WRX both inside and out
  • javatomjavatom Member Posts: 2
    I'd like to see a full test of the CVT equipped WRX. I've always driven manuals but there's something compelling about a CVT from an engineering perspective. If Subaru did it right, I might make the switch.
  • slang925slang925 Member Posts: 1
    Don't get a CVT car, I had a 2012 Impreza Hatch with CVT, it lags in shifting. Going back to manual in the 2015 WRX was clearly the only choice. The clutch is hard to navigate at first, but now it's simple rhythm and feeling is like riding a bike! The interior is top notch, feels much roomier and comfier than previous Subaru's. The Harmon Kardon stereo is a must, and getting the most of your options is as well. I have the limited with keyless entry and start, navigation, sun/moonroof, short throw shifter and couldn't be happier with the overall feel of the car. But I did have an issue with the clutch freezing in neutral. Let's just hope it was a one time thing!
  • saedavesaedave Chicago, ILMember Posts: 694
    The 2.0 turbo in my Forester XT does not have a lag problem. A test drive of the CVT WRX is in order.
  • stivt1962stivt1962 Member Posts: 2
    Great review Edmunds! Kudos to Subaru for updating this car with Direct Injection, Twin Scroll turbo and a really well crafted electronic steering system. While the 2 liter isn't more powerful than its predecessor (in stock form), the wide torque band makes the power incredibly usable and turbo lag is minimal. Low end torque is exceptional. After test driving this extensively, while the motor is great and the increased efficiency appreciated - it's the handling improvement that really makes this car outrageously fun. Seats and steering wheel are first rate. We finally have a turbo gauge! Nice info screen. Stereo/Nav interface - not so much. Wish list to Subaru: make 6th gear lower revving for even better highway MPG - do-able now that the low and midrange have plenty of usable torque. Yes, WRX people want performance, but for many this is a DD and mileage matters, especially highway MPG. Also, find a way to add a hatch to the lineup or find a way to use this excellent sedan body but convert the back to hatch like entry to rear. And yes, when I get this, it will eventually get Stage II tuning, but without a loud exhaust.
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