2014 Kia Soul Inspired by Track'ster Concept

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  • jeffinohjeffinoh Member Posts: 156
    Just reviewed the Trackster. This new Soul owes nothing to it whatsoever. It's just the same Soul with a revised face. What I call a tip-n-tail job. Why pretend its more than it is?
  • jackfrappartjackfrappart Member Posts: 1
    Seems like a decent vehicle but I don't understand why they're offering fewer colors this time around, and the colors that they've taken away are the good ones. No more titanium (essentially a pewter gray), and that's the best color. No more dark moss green. I don't like the fire-engine red, I hate the yellow, I don't like the white, I don't like their alien green. I live in a hot climate, so black doesn't seem like a good plan. That leaves silver and midnight blue. Their color selection went from OK to below-average.
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