2012 Toyota Prius c Long-Term Road Test

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    When are you going to post a wrap-up on the Prius C? I'd like to see if your long-term perspectives match my short-term impressions from spins around town with two friends who bought the C. The loud tire/wind noise in the cabin and the suspension crashing over even minor road imperfections, all at a mere 35mph, struck me as "This drives like a cheaper, third-world market car." Of course, the friends buying the Prius C were replacing 15-year old Toyota Corollas, which tells you EVERYTHING about the kind of car owner this vehicle appeals to.
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    @darthbimmer If your friends have only just bought their cars tell them to check the tyre pressures. Most stealerships are too bone idle to take the tyres down to their proper pressures, and most cars are shipped with them pumped up to 40-45psi.
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    Hey! There's nothing wrong with 15 year old Toyota Corollas- they were easy to drive, had good sightlines, had actual steering feel, were significantly better put together than modern ones, and they were pretty competitive specs wise at the time. The only thing it says is that your friends are frugal and pretty smart in choosing their daily commuters!
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    ^ Amen!
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    @duck87 My jab at mid-90s Corollas is because I found them slow, squishy, and buzzy (tire/wind noise). They stirred no passion for driving. They were transportation for people who pick cars the same way they pick washing machines.
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