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2012 Toyota Prius C Long-Term Road Test

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  • beejay1948beejay1948 Member Posts: 1
    If this was a GM or Ford you would have No problem with trashing this car. The numbers for this car are very poor at best.
  • darthbimmerdarthbimmer Member Posts: 606
    Is your software still so primitive that I have to write a comment just to read other people's comments? (My apologies is this is actually the first comment.)
  • jptuck1962jptuck1962 Member Posts: 1
    I have recently taken advantage of the Prius C lease special. Granted its not the same car as my wife's 2010 Matrix S w/the 2.4l engine but with just over 5k miles I'm finding the mileage keeps getting better (often more than double that of the Matrix) and at 6'3" the driving position has been better than expected for some longer trips. Highway noise isn't that much more than in the Matrix and the stereo in my Prius C two is heads above the Alpine system I had in my 2005 Rav4. Clear, deep bass that's not muddy and highs that are crisp but not shrill-what I had hoped from my Alpine system that desperately needed a powered sub. Easy to park, seats that are surprisingly comfortable for my frame read-only change I need to make is a set of seat extenders to give a little more leg room. So far by using the Prius C for some small trips, errands and taking the wife to work we have saved more in gas each month than the 98$ payment due Toyota. While still using the Matrix for large cargo runs and trips where the extra horses are a must I have been more than pleasantly pleased with the Prius C. It has exceeded what I expected and continues to perform at a level higher than I anticipated. I probably will be purchasing this vehicle myself at lease end - saving money monthly on gas while still having a more than capable backup at our disposal.
  • frugaldave1298frugaldave1298 Member Posts: 1
    Pump up those tires to 48F 46R psi and keep freeway speeds at or below 65mph. The car isn't as aero efficient as its larger sibling, but it is 500lbs lighter (which is why it gets better city MPG). If you can keep those freeway speeds down you'll get the best of both. I've got 6500 miles on my 2015 and have 52.2 mpg avg and 54mpg avg over the last 2500 miles. =)
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