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2014 Volkswagen Beetle GSR: Track Tested Posts: 10,006
edited August 2015 in Volkswagen

The 2014 Volkswagen Beetle GSR is another one of those throwback specials intended to raid the vault of nostalgia and convince someone, anyone, that the new New Beetle isn't a chick car.

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  • emajoremajor Posts: 332
    Ugh, GTI please. $31K is a cruel joke, but I've seen a few rubes who ponied up almost that much for the ridiculous Jetta TDI Cup Edition a few years ago. If you want a Beetle, be honest and get the basic trim with the cool retro-hubcap alloy wheels. The car looks great then, and is not trying to be something it isn't.
  • boff_boff_ Posts: 51
    ESC always on = dealbreaker. What happens when you need a little wheelspin to get unstuck? Or when you do autocross?
  • stineystiney Posts: 28
    Just when you though the Beetle simply couldn't get more embarrassing....
  • More "show" than "go". It's a compact with a slightly up-model engine, undefeatable nannies, and a loud paint job. $31k is way too much, considering the same money will buy either (a) a bigger family car with more power or (b) a more focused, rally-type compact, also with more power.
  • The brochures seem to imply that you can get it in other colors, so you don't necessarily have to go with yellow, can anyone confirm choices?
  • Hey. I have number 0646. 2.0l TSI DSG. I'd say overall I'm pretty pleased with it. Actually, more proper adjectives would be ecstatic, overjoyed, incredibly satisfied. I'm up to 14k miles, and my VW problem has been long running. I'd say the back seat is for show, but all stereo issues from previous models have been remedied and the sunroof is eh. The embarrassment I provide Honda "tuners" in my city is well worth the extra 5 grand from the stock model. Generally, the Tires from the factory weren't nearly enough traction to put full power to the ground. Pirelli P-Zeroes keep her stuck to the ground when I'm driving her in situations that far exceed the limits of law, as well as conventional thought of the VW "economy" car that I shamelessly drive with my 6'3" 225lb male frame. The greatest features of the car are the back seat, which is next to useless, and the fact that I just can't have a woman over 150lbs in my passenger seat. I save gas, haul a**, and I have to use my '86 MKII GTI to pick up more Than one friend. Oh, GTI Fans, It's slammed on KWB Suspension on three-piece CCW wheels and Pearl White. NLVNVVW MOB
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