2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class First Drive

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    The lead-in was a bit misleading, as the diesel variant isn't described until well into the article. However, it does look a little better. It resembles an Accord now more than ever. The in-your-face grille of the sport models works well for me--I would have laughed it off as cartoonish based on the description alone, but somehow, I manage to like it. Bold.
  • ab22_ab22_ Member Posts: 3
    Never had a diesel and can't bring myself to buy one yet. That being said, on the question asked in the title. I think 4 Cylinders do belong in luxury sedans. I guess if every buyer was a 16 year old male, this doesn't make sense.

    In my late 30's, a family, do a lot of driving in a town with terrible traffic. I don't need 300+ hp so that I only get an average of maybe 20 mpg while doing a lot if in-traffic / city driving. Give me a roomy luxury car that isn't as common as your run of the mill 3 series or Honda Accord. Add to that about 24 mpg, 0-60 of 7.7 or better and a design that is more upscale...I'm sold.
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    I miss the two part headlights... The new diesel sounds like a decent alternative to the old one, but replacing the E550 with that 3.0TT V6? Boooo...
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    Nothing wrong with a 4cyl diesel engine in a luxury car. All that low down torque works perfectly for our market.
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    i hate this Emunds format vs IL
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    I agree that there's nothing wrong with a boosted 4 cylinder in a medium to large luxury car, but there's also nothing wrong with a V8 either. A shopper in this class should be allowed to be a little indulgent.
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