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Should Honda Build a 2013 Honda Accord Convertible? Posts: 9,975
edited September 2014 in Honda


  • Sign me up for the first one as long as it has a decent trunk ala my now defunct Toyota Solara which I am keeping forever if neccessary.

    Tom Hartman
  • An Accord convertible would be great news for open-air driving lovers! ... Especially since Toyota discontinued the Solara cabriolet in '08, and since nothing has yet appeared in the import field as a worthy replacement ... Toyota and Honda have long been at the "top of the heap," as far as reliability and customer satisfaction is concerned ... I owned an '05 Solara once and would LOVEta have an Accord drop-top should Mr. Honda ever jump off Mt. Fuji and build one ...
  • Please make my dream come true and bring that Honda Accord Ex Sedan convertible to life! I NEED it! Ready for my 3rd Honda Accord Ex, waiting.........LNK
  • come on...i've been SCREAMING for an accord convertible for years! i love hondas...and (i hate to say it) almost never buy NEW cars...but if honda puts an accord convertible on the lineup - i'll be the FIRST in line to buy it
  • I am in accord with these other reader's comments. There is nothing like the fresh-air experience you get with a convertible in the warmer months. With global warming, the warmer months will be lasting longer.

    The engineers have some work to do, bracing the frame for additional torsional rigidity. Possibly they could use carbon fiber for this, minimizing the weight gain.

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