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  • mrbiggalsworthmrbiggalsworth Member Posts: 1
    Trust is going to be a hard thing for ford to earn in my book we have a 2013 escape that is in the shop nearly as much as it is on the road. We have asked ford to buy back the car and they have declined even though it has enough visits to qualif for the lemon law. I dont Trust ford I did before this car but not now and not ever...
  • arveejayarveejay Member Posts: 9
    Hearing Ford boasting about trust after my 2012 FX4 developed a cracked grill at 6000 miles, which they would not replace because they say it's normal for the hood to crack when it is slammed. Then having Ford tell me my windows coming to a stop 4 times on the way up in my 2013 Escape when the outside temp was 30 degrees, and then telling me everything was working as designed after it sat in a warm shop for 2 hours makes me laugh. They are the same old Ford, they will not stand behind their vehicles. I left GM in 2011and bought 3 new Fords in 3 years. I am back buying and driving GM vehicles. Ford, I trusted you and I got crapped on. (NEVER AGAIN).
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