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2012 Toyota Prius C Long Term Road Test Posts: 10,006
edited September 2014 in Toyota


  • fordson1fordson1 Posts: 1,512
    So it's better than other cars with the instruments in the center of the dash. This is basically a world's-tallest-midget discussion, then. And while reducing costs in small ways is certainly what conventional subcompacts are doing...putting in this dumb kind of IP is certainly not what they're doing.
  • Who authorizes dashes like that? I know that the interior of these economy cars are not supposed to look incredibly good, but why go out of your way to make them look bad?
  • cjasiscjasis Posts: 274
  • Meh. It is better than other central IPs, that's for sure, but part of that is because it being so far away puts it within your line of sight while looking ahead. However, being so far away also makes it harder to read.

    It is just the best application of a poor design. Bad idea, good execution.
  • When we first shopped a Prius C the offset instruments did bother me. It just seemed so cheap and non-functional. But having purchased the car and driven it for 5 months now I have gotten used to it and it doesn't bother me anymore. And I never put the Eco Screen up on the display as I prefer the power to the wheels display. Of course, I never see the outside temperature that way..... sigh.
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