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Toyota Tacoma vs. Ford Ranger, Part XII



  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    I'm also just stating my opinion.

    Here's the pics for my truck:

    It's a colorkey SR5 package, with everything silver, except mirrors (color-keyed mirrors were discontinued). No chrome whatsoever.

    BFG Trails may be cheap and crappy, but were they were tires that 4x4 mag used in the tests? Lets put it this way....they do the job well.

    TRD is not the ultimate offroad package. It's more or less as far as Toyota might be willing to go to provide some basis for comfortable offroading without putting the onroad performance at risk. If you want more functionality, do the mods yourself. The market for it is huge.
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    actually I think the Tacoma does have foglights. I agree with you about the tow hooks, though. toyota should have added one in back. oh well, it's a pretty easy (and cheap) mod nonetheless.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    those lights you see are turn signals and parking lights. they fool though. maybe on the s-runner they're fogs, but not on 4x4's. the towhooks (are there even two up front?) are weak when compared to the ford's.
    scorp- sweet truck.

    FX4 is only ranger to get rear two hook stock. its just a place on the frame though, so one can be bolted up anytime.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Yes, I have a 3.73 limited slip diff.. I ordered my Ranger from the factory this way, with offroad pkg.
    I just wish Ford would wake up and put some better tires on their Rangers. At least they got rid of those damn Firejunkers.. :-)
  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    You only need tow hooks if you get stuck. Consequently, Toyota didn't have to make them as heavy duty as the perpetually stuck Fords. Maybe it's all that "jumping" that you Ranger guys do???
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    you know i try to make this convo civil, and then i get a totally intelligent response like that from you. but its good to see that you actually notice one thing on the ford that is more heavy duty than the toyota. keep looking, and you'll notice the tiny frame dimensions on the tacoma, not to mention the pencil sized driveshafts compared to ranger's.

    one more thing- what's "jumping" got to do with using towhooks? still wondering on that one.

    scape2- with all due respect (don't get pissed, i just like to get to the bottom of things), im wondering how you got ford to build you an off-road equipped truck with only 3.73's. the standard is 4.10's with no option otherwise. are you sure on this? cuz if so, it'd make for one very rare ranger model. i'd check your build tag on the driver door. also, what do you think of the awesome 4.0 SOHC going in the ranger now?
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    You got me?? I just walked into a Ford Dealership in 1998 and went through the list for the Ranger. I did not want 4.10 because of MPG reasons and I wasn't going to tow anything heavy anyway.. The paperwork I got was a print out from the Dealership showing a 3.73 rearend ratio. Might they have pulled a fast one on me...
    I think the 4.0 SOHC was a very good response to the Toyota 3.4 along with the Chevy 4.3 in terms of HP/Torque. I know the Toyota crowd hates this but.. the HP/Torque curve on the Ranger is better for truck use.. You don't have to rev the heck out of the engine to get the torque you need and it comes faster also. Of course I wish I could have this engine in my 98 Ranger.. The 160HP and push-rod technology is getting old.. A new Ranger may be in order in about 3 years.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    the older 4.0 is growing gray, but remember, torque makes a truck work. and your 4.0 still has more torque than the toyota 3.4.

    you may want to check your msrp window sticker, it will tell you what gear ratio you have. also, on your build tag it will say.

    it really isn't a big deal. i just thought that if you did have a factory 3.73 off-roader, that'd be pretty cool. of course, no one else on earth would really give two hoots, but people like us truck fanatics do care.

    im looking at a new jeep liberty sport right now with the new 3.7 liter, it has 4.10's in it too. it is faster than the SOHC'D ranger i had. it runs hard. later
  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    Why do you think that Consumer Reports picked the Tacoma as the most reliable compact truck from 1994 - 2001? Do you think Toyota paid them off?
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    dont know, dont care. i guess the people that matter didn't read those issues did they? you always fall back on those magazines dont you?

    also, the tacoma did not exist in '94 "ALLKNOWING".
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    What difference does it make whether you have 1, 2, 4, 10, upfront, behind, on the side, under the truck bed, on truck top, etc. tow hooks? One we have seems to do the job, and we don't have to show it to people. "Look, ma! I got them big towhooks".
    I was at the Den in San Antonio today again, offroading with 2 other tacos. We were sitting around making fun of other trucks (dodges) overlooking the mud pit when an old SAS'ed 198x Toy pickup came around and got stuck in the mud (it was a basher, no 4x4, nearly bold mudder tires). So the 4-banger regcab 4x4 we had with us went down to pull him out. One tug, and it's all it took. Didn't need a big beefy tow hook for it. Didn't need 2 of them. 1 is all that was needed.

    as far as mags go: you know of any other UNBIASED RELIABLE source of information regarding Tacoma vs. Ranger? The 4x4 truck of the year contest was not good enough. You don't have to quote the "It's a bestseller truck" line, we've heard it many times and people agree that it means squat.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    scorpio> "You don't have to quote the "It's a bestseller truck" line, we've heard it many times and people agree that it means squat."

    exactly scorpio- just like your magazine articles. if in fact the "MAGAZINES" meant "squat", dont you think that their opinions would coincide with the buying public's buying preferences?

    but isn't the real world a little more convincing than what a magazine SAYS? i mean, i can SAY that the dodge omni was the most reliable and greatest car of the '80's. but just because that was said doesn't mean the buying public went out and bought one. it's one person's opinion. case in point with the tacoma. i can see the 1994 tacoma being the most reliable truck though, beins that it never existed.

    scorpio- one question. how would you tow your truck out from the rear if it was buried in mud? no hitch. nah, i wouldn't want a nice towhook back there. man, even ford explorers have rear towhooks on them. dont knock them just cuz you don't have them. every real 4x4 vehicle should have them. not a dinky ONE hidden under the bumper, so you can bend your bumper all up when using it. ask any real off-roader, they wouldn't go anywhere without towhooks if they could have them.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    What is the "real world"? Just because a million idiots jumped off a cliff, would you do the same...clearly, 1 million people have found it to be the greatest thing on earth.
    Real offroaders don't go anywhere without winches, not towhooks.
    The towhooks are bolted to the frame directly. All you have to do is run a chain over the frame. It's no rocket science, tbunder. As far as bending the bumper goes: well, the 4-banger did not bend its bumper up. Neither did I, when I was pulling a 4x4 Ranger out of mud 5 month ago on my first trip to San Ant.
  • They must cost under 20 bucks a piece. So how is it bad to have more of them given to you free from the dealership? (And mounted and ready for use in a safe place, given the situation arises)

    I think I've found a method of this debate. If the other truck has it or is supported by it, it doesn't mean squat, because you choose a different truck...
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    allknowing is still around.. I wonder where spoog went to??? the good old days.
    Same old stories.. Toyota pulling a Ranger out.
    I wonder why the Ranger has been the best seller for over 15 years straight.. Don't you think that after 15 years the tide would have turned if the Tacoma was so superior? and so much more reliable? Check msn.carpoint and look under the used vehicle reliability data. The Toyota crowd hates this site, even called it bogus and not true at one point if I remember. You will be surprised at what you find. Ranger proves to be pretty darn reliable....
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Lets see if you can answer this:
    Mazda B-series is a Ranger with duct tape over the Ford logo, or at least has been until couple years ago. The sales for B-series, however, have been in a hole for sells less than Tacoma.
    Now why would that be? They are even offering longer warranty. If Ranger is such a great truck then B-series should have rocked, and it would be #2 selling compact, following Ranger closely.
    I don't know why that is. In part it might be that Mazda does not offer as many configs as Ford. Mainly I think it's because Mazda is not a US company.
    As far as used vehicle reliability: If toyota trucks are so unreliable, there would be plenty of them sitting around the used car lots with nobody wanting to buy one. I don't see that happening. I got few used car lots around where I live, and every time I drive by I see Explorers, Rangers, Silverados on the lot. Haven't seen a Toy truck there yet.
    I'll admit that Tacoma has some problems. Like squeaking dash, that's fixed with $5 worth of purchases at your nearest Home Depot.
    As for comments on the msn site...I like this one in particular:
    "foren piece of crappe" by "all american boy from the U.S.A"
    Pros: nothing
    Cons: its not American.
    Review: This truck sucks just like all the other none american vehicals. By a ford its a real truck

    Is this what you mean by used vehicle reliability data? Everything about that comment spells "I'm a hillbilly, my name is Billy Bob, I have 10 dogs living under my trailer, I hate Nips".
    Majority of people on the carpoint seem to be praising the truck, and few comments like one from Billy Bob...they all say one thing: dash rattles. Well, it's not rattling in my truck. Nor have I got any leaks (yeah, it rains once a month in Austin, but when it does, it pours). I like to think I drive my truck harder than most people. I spent 1.5 hours washing mud off it yesterday. If those reviews are right, hte dash should have fallen off by now, doors would not stop any water, and engine would knock itself from my truck. It's still running fine, though. Just to be fair...have you looked at used Ranger reviews? Tacoma and Ranger run about the same in ratio of "good/bad" in 2002 and 2001 that I saw. Just Ranger severity of problems is higher.

    Toyota pulling a Ranger out: yep. It got stuck. I have pictures if you think I'm making it up. However, the point was that I was still able to pull him out without bending the bumper up, like tbunder claimed it would happen.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    As we all know, Toyota does not provide a rear tow hook on its pickups. On all five of my 4x4 Toyota trucks ('86-'99), I bolted an aftermarket hook in the middle of the rear bumper.

    On several occasions, I pulled unfortunates out of mud bogs and snow drifts. Never did I "bend the bumper" in any way.

    Even though I now own a new Ranger, I just wanted to set the record straight that Toyota's rear bumpers are stout enough to endure periodic towing WITHOUT damage. BTW- I always used a nylon strap.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    LOL, thanx for the support Rick!
  • All I can say about Mazda Sales vs Ranger sales is this... In the North Dallas area, there are at least 6 different Ford dealerships within 20 miles, and 1 Mazda dealership in the area. Maybe people just don't look to "import" brands as often as they look towards "domestic" brands when looking for trucks? Overall data would suggest so.
  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    Good point, the Tacoma came out in 95 didn't it. I just repeated the info in someone else's post. I don't read Consumer Reports but the Ford guys here have used it often stating that other mags are biased and bought off. Now that Consumer Reports rates the Tacoma the best in reliability (which it obviously is), no Ford guys seem to have anything to say. The ranger is nice and has nice features, however, it has a ways to go to equal Toyota's general reliability.
  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    Believe it or not Vince, I'm glad that you're still doing OK.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    scorp- check this out.

    looks like the "king of off-roaders" wouldn't even be able to participate in this event.

  • I will tell you one thing about my Tacoma that I just discovered that I don't like. The bed is not very strong. I've been doing a lot of snow machining and using the Tacoma to carry my sled around. Well, one day I drove my sled into the back of my truck a little hard and the skis of the sled slammed into the back of the bed. As a result, the bed bent back like it was an aluminum beer can. It bent back so much that it hit the back of my cab. With a little effort I was able to pull the bed enough away from the cab so that the two wouldn't rub together. So, as I've said before, Toyota's are not perfect. The engine is reliable and the truck can go anywhere but the bed is not very strong. Take care.......Steelman.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Tacoma has a tow hook, so what's your point? I think that if few ttora members with SAS'ed flatbed tacos, 35s tires, winches and steel bumbers (and no towhooks) showed up there, they'd get in easily.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    The exact same thing happened to my buddy the other day. Only he has a full size Chevy. He hit it with a four-wheeler and it bucked it in so far that the back glass popped out. Everyone makes the beds pretty weak in that spot. One day, I wanna weld a bar back there and mount some flood lights so that I can have good lighting for camping and some reinforcement. Ive seen some people who have done this and it looks great.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    yeah, i have a buddy too. he has a hummer and a trd ran right over it. whatever.

    anyways, in my racing days, i use to ride my 125 up a ramp and slam into the front of the bed extremely hard to stop me. it was a full-sized F150, late 80's models and early 90 models as my dad traded each year. NEVER, I REPEAT NEVER did it dent or even once intrude into the cab. i bet if i would have done the same on my ranger, it would not dent either. like i said earlier, the toyotas are nice, but very weak structurally. a truck has to be more than just suspension and locking axles. all one has to do is compare the hidden stuff between ranger and tacoma-ie the axles, frame width, driveshafts, etc, the ranger is BUILT on a higher scale than tacoma and tundra.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    That don't make em like they used to. He had nothing but paint chipping off. He just traded for a new Chevy Z71. I feel bad that I could not turn him. He had to have the $2002 cash back.
    I agree that they need to be strong, but I hardly believe that any compact is built as stout as any of the 80s full size trucks. I hate it as much as you. Yotas aren't liking much. Besides, find me some info about Yota axles being weaker (not smaller). They don't fail. Never heard of a failed driveshaft, and I talk to some people who beat the hell out of their trucks. Why can't a company get some credit when smaller components are just as good? It sux. Ill go look for that pic of the F250 with the frame flex all to hell and back. You can compare it to Yotas' and see whether wider means better.
  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    Tbunder... Of course it didn't bend. Don't you remember??? You drive superman trucks.

    I have to put my waders on just to read your usual BS.

    "One time I landed 747 in the back of my Ranger, you know the one with the 207hp 4.0 that is smooth as silk and is the best thing since sliced bread. It didn't hurt anything, didn't even scratch the paint. Good thing I had 2 tow hooks to help strap it down."

    Better yet the plane may have been welded to the bed!!!!

    Thanks for the usual chuckles.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    thank you for the usual "im the biggest retard on edmunds" post.

    do you realize how stupid you come across? hey, its not my fault your pos toyota can't even handle a snowmobile or 4-wheeler. can you say junk? how about weak? dont even believe it when an actual owner touts it do you? you really are naive aren't you? and im sorry you're so jealous of the more powerful SOHC 4.0. id be too though if i still drove a timing belt equipped under-powered 4x4 truck.

    thank you for the reminder that you're the biggest moron on here.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    Now take it EZ fellas. Take it back, tbunder. "POS?" and "underpowered?" Im not gonna stand for such basphemy. LOL. Stop hurting my feelings.
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