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  • mcqueen502mcqueen502 Member Posts: 1
    So let me get this straight. You deducted points because there wasn't enough road noise? I'm sorry, but that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. As a person who has owned an M5 before, I can attest that being able to roll the windows up and cancel out all of the engine noise is a HUGE bonus. When you're driving long distance and have the cruise control set so the engine lets out a consistent low hum (Even worse. When the engine vibration can be felt through the car at the same consistency like other M5 models), it puts you to sleep. As much as I would love for life owning this car to be the exciting toy-like existence you make your road tests out to be, it isn't. Some times you have to drive like a normal person, and being able to silence a sports car is (in my opinion) a great added bonus. Your review seems to be written by someone looking for any petty reason to downplay this car. The last two paragraphs say it best, " More powerful...quicker...more grip". But seems to be lacking, "visceral thrill". Which I am assuming is road and engine noise, since the CTS-V is loaded with both (I've had been CTS models since Will Smith stole Marino's in Bad Boys 2). In conclusion, it seems your writer is either overly partial to Cadillac, or they have docked the M5 because it isn't a noisy American muscle car. Either way, I hope they don't figure out how to roll the window down in a CTS-V. The "visceral thrill" may be too much to handle.
  • moinventormoinventor Member Posts: 1
    I think your review needs to explain why the stick shift transmission was selected rather than the usual 7 speed automatic. The previous M5 has the worst transmission ever. After 100,000 miles and 2 clutch jobs on 2 different M5's (2006 and 2008) I want real answers not slick remarks avoiding the transmission question.
    The tail is waging the dog. the transmission is knocking the M5 off my buyers list. So somehow someone needs to fess up and stop sucking up?
    The previous 2008 M 5 needed more torque and a real automatic transmission that does not "rock the boat". It is maddening to drive casually and have a Altima next to you pass you bye before the 2008 M 5 transmission gets a clue on what to do?
    Its sometimes more fun to just push on the gas a little and have the car pass the Altima 2.5 without a fuss. It is a real road warrior but I think the transmission issue is a NON starter for the 2013 M 5.
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