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2010 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Ultimate Edition Road Test

Edmunds.comEdmunds.com Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,315
edited September 2014 in Mercury


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    chlynchlyn Member Posts: 1
    What happened to all the old comments, from 2010 til now?
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    amott37amott37 Member Posts: 1
    Not sure if its this car or mine but my car is anything but boring!! Tires smoking and leaving all those hondas and toyotas in the dust especially at highway speed is where this car excels. the mid speeds are dull unless you punch it down but over 45 its a blast and can run down most any american sedan on the open road (just ran down a 300HP CTS in under 3 miles). At 100 mph it tacks less than 3k and will throw you back into your seat upon punching it..80 to 125 in less than 6 sec..(closed road course), rolling start quarter mile at 91mph. Seats are very comfortable to me (5'6'' 175lb). over 60K miles I've NEVER had a tank of gas under 18 MPG and have had MANY highway tanks of gas go over 30MPG. The E85 MPG is just plan bad and not worth the loss of performance and cost. If there was a Mustang turb0 on here it would be a super car. Do agree with the nose dive and body roll but corrected by installing coilover towing duty rear shocks and police heavy duty front struts. As a previous owner of several late 90s devilles, this car rocks and the price was quite a bit below the listed retail (22,500 brand new). Upgraded the dash with 7" NAV/DVD/USB/backup camera with bluetooth. Parts are very plentiful, inexpensive and easy the replace which is why police and taxis like them. for me you can keep your roller skate boxes give me a real american car.
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