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    I remember my dad going to the dealer, not finding what he wanted in the way of (not as many today) options, ordering what he wanted, waiting a few weeks (seemed like months to a kid), and we would have a new car.

    Last time I asked to get what I wanted I was told, "Only what is available, no special orders unless it is at a nearby dealer". 50 years ago America produced the best cars, now the best come from overseas and the manufacturer states "You want a car with a moon roof.", we say "No thanks, I want one without a moon roof.", they say "Up yours, take it or leave it."
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    Almost every major purchase we make a la a house, a glorious vacation, we are thrilled and happy. But-----NOT WHEN YOU GO TO BUY A CAR!

    Why do they have a phont MSRP? Every other purchase has a set price and no haggling (I know houses call for some bargaining but the Realtor calms every one down).

    If the Dealers give you a fair price for your trade in, they keep the auto price high. If you follow the advice from folks like you, they try to hook you on high finance terms.

    Your last comment regarding how it is less expensive to keep a customer than it is to acquire a new one. You are 100% correct.
    My career was working for the second largest AD Agencies in the world. It had 240 offices domestic and international. You may have heard of it------Ogilvy & Mather. Ogilvy was a fan of research and he ran the numbers re: cost of keeping a Client vs. acquiring a new one. His conclusion was it cost 10 X to woo a new client than it did to retain a current one.

    Thomas Owen
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