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Chevy SSR



  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    Yes, I'm very familiar with the GSCA link as a friend of mine used to race a GS455 Type1. I've also visited though never posted at the site. Lots of good info there for current Regal GS owners who may be interested in tweaking their cars.


    CAFE ratings

    Isn't that what Saturns and Metros are for?

  • caramocaramo Member Posts: 93
    Maybe the SSR is using the 5.3 so as not to compete with the Silverado SS, which will have the 6.0 tuned for speed. . .
  • phillipmphillipm Member Posts: 32
    Now that the new SSR has hit the showrooms I'd like to hear from a SSR owner as to how they like their new "ride". I'm interested in both pros and cons pertaining to the ride, performance, and all-around specifics from an actual owner. I've read several car magazine reviews, now I'd like to hear from someone who actually owns one.
  • hotdhshotdhs Member Posts: 6
    I've been waiting to see the SSR and I finally saw one in a showroom in L.A.. 20,000$ over the msrp. It is more beautiful and bigger than expected. Price of $64,500 + tx is bit more than I would like to pay. Made offer of $56,000 out the door. They said if they don't sell it before x-mas it will be mine. I don't care what my wife says I want this car. Anyone has info on how many more SSRs chevrolet plans to produe after the initial 15,000?
  • phillipmphillipm Member Posts: 32
    SSR's are a hot commodity everywhere but seem to be especially so in Southern California. Prices appear to be higher there than anywhere else. Here in the Midwest and Southeast SSR's are selling for around 2 to 3 thousand $ over window but occasionally you will find a dealer who will sell at window. Most of them sticker between $44,000 and $46,000 depending on the options. Demand for the 3 colors offered (red, yellow, and black) appear to be fairly balanced as far as desirability. If you don't mind buying out of state I think you can beat that $56,000 price by 8 to 10 thousand dollars by shopping elsewhere. If you have a particular color in mind let me know and I'll see if any of the dealers in my area have one and at what price. Good luck in your efforts to purchase one.
  • billf6531billf6531 Member Posts: 8
    I wanted to buy an SSR. Researching found the US MSRP to be $42K. Recent currency exchange rates of 1.30 Canadian dollars to 1 US dollar peg the Canadian equivalent price at $55K. Instead, the Canadian MSRP is $80K.

    Obviously GM Canada thinks customers won't notice. Interesting enough, the same disparity exists on Corvettes, etc. All Canadian buyers need to do their homework if they don't want to needlessly enrich General Motors.

    If any US dealers want to deliver a Yellow SSR to Canada, I have cash.
  • megazapmegazap Member Posts: 1
    Five years ago I made a 4 hour drive and bought a new 99 Corvette in Dallas for sticker when the dealers were selling them for $10K over sticker here in Houston. Idiots were lined up to pay the extra 10K too, and were actually waiting for delivery! The dealer who was doing the gouging here in Houston only had two, one hardtop and one convertible. Both were white, both stick shift, and both with a red interior. The place I went to in Dallas had 37 new Vettes on the lot of every color and style made.
    GM bought the Corvette back because the paint was five different colors, and I bought a new Lightning for $500 over invoice in Cleveland, Ohio when dealers here in the Houston area were selling them for $5K over sticker.
    Chrysler dealers here in Houston were selling their sporty little cars for 20K over sticker - $61k for a two seater! It sat in their showroom for almost a year (as it should have).

    There's always a place that will sell you the vehicle for sticker price or less but as long as saps continue to pay over that just to have one it will continue to happen. STOP BUYING FROM THE GOUGERS and they'll have to lower the price. If that dealer is so proud of the SSR, let him keep it on his lot!
    It doesn't take a genius to know that this is another overpriced underpowered gadget with a little styling, and in my opinion is a very bad deal. My Lightning weighs about the same but is over 400 hp with a few mods, and could still go on a diet to reach true performance speeds. 300 hp with the same weight as the Lightning is NOT going to be close to any of the so-called performance cars. You may beat grandma in her Probe, but a Firebird, Corvette, Lightning, Camaro, Dodge truck (the new high hp one), and every old five-point-oh in town will blow you away. If you're thinking performance you better reconsider. Buy the SSR and if styling isn't enough for you then you're going to be a very disappointed person! Maybe racing the kids in their rice burning Hondas with your SSR will keep you occupied so that you don't remind yourself you could have had a Corvette for a few thousand more!***

    I hope I see lottsa these SSR's on the freeways to play with in my Lightning!


    *** The Vette is a real World class machine whereas the SSR is just another "thing" with 4 wheels!
  • billf6531billf6531 Member Posts: 8
    I agree with that! I want one because it looks good to me. At 4700 pounds and 300 HP, I know I'm not going to win any money with it.

    GM took some metal and fashioned it into what I think is a pleasing shape. They did so to entice me, and others, into trading the metal for our fancy colored pieces of paper. It's strictly a commodity transaction.

    US $42K MSRP converts to Canadian $55K MSRP in any real world commodity exchange.

    Anyone who buys a new or used vehicle in Canada, without checking the equivalent value in the US and converting it to Canadian dollars, is going to get trimmed.

    Dealers need to recognize that this is the information age, and operate accordingly.
  • billf6531billf6531 Member Posts: 8
    Yesterday I received a quote of $46,640 from a US dealer on a loaded (all options) yellow SSR. Using currency exchange rates, the equivalent Canadian price should be $60,600. Instead it's $80,000. Something's rotten here.

    This morning I received a call from a GM Canada public relations representative in response to my query about the MSRP price disparity. She advised that GM Canada and GM USA have different marketing departments and each operate their own way. She had no information on why the disparity exists, but said that to enforce it, GM cancels all warranty on any vehicle imported into Canada from the US. She went on to quote the party line that dealers are independents, and can sell for prices of their choosing. She admitted, though, that GM Canada sets the MSRP.

    This would make an interesting consumer awareness story, especially for Canadians. I hope someone picks it up.
  • hotdhshotdhs Member Posts: 6
    I just got a yellow SSR. Driving it home 120 miles after getting it at MSRP!! washed away all my 40+ years of stress and anxiety. Sure it didn't have the acceleration, it felt heavy, some what noisy, and lacked many convienient features of Japanese cars. But who cares. It's an American made ICON. Why would you race or compare anything with this SSR. I drove slow at 60 mph letting all the traffic pass me by and just watch their faces. Would Ford Lightening do that?
  • billf6531billf6531 Member Posts: 8
    My sentiments exactly. It's a nicely shaped toy to drive around in the Summer and collect admiring looks. It has a reasonable amount of power so the minivans don't trample you. You have my truck. Don't you feel guilty?
  • phillipmphillipm Member Posts: 32
    Yep, the SSR is NOT a road racer the way the guy in Post # 7 says his 400hp Lightning is when he uses "the freeway as a playground to play on". As you get older and wiser you learn the hard way that freeways aren't the place to go racing. GM never designed the SSR as a "racer". It IS a unique, good looking, non-cookie cutter, piece of Detroit machinery that turns peoples heads. It's so refreshing to see an American car company finally produce a vehicle that grabs you and says "I've got to have one of those". It's a fun, laid-back, cruiser that you put the top down, crank up Bob Seger or ZZ Top on the Bose sound system, and erase the stress and frustrations of every day life. If you get tired of listening to the music then the nice, throaty V-8 rumble of the SSR exhaust system is music in itself. I hope all the manafacturers take note, listen to the consumers for a change, and start designing products that have some personality and visual uniqueness rather than the bland, boring, "we all look alike" designs they've been turning out the last decade or so. The SSR certainly isn't perfect but it sure is a big step in the right direction for GM to design, build, and bring to the showroom an innovative product. Maybe the "sleeping giant" has finally awakened. Of couse, this are just my personal thoughts and I could be wrong.
  • mirthmirth Member Posts: 1,212
    ...I see the SSR going the way of the Plymouth Prowler, another icon that didn't offer much other than good looks for a high price. After a couple of years, the look got old and sales declined. I just wonder what's going to happen in 3-4 years. Are we going to get a new SSR? Or is GM going to end production? I just can't see how GM can recoup their cost on this.
  • mitzijmitzij Member Posts: 613
    One SSR has arrived at our little dealership. It's black, full of bells and whistles. The salesmen and techs have all ogled it and it's gotten alot of looks from customers. One or two think it's ugly, every one else thinks it's great. Manager-guy says it's sold already. Too bad the transport driver didn't take the red one off the truck, too. If I had a spare 45k, I'd buy one! But I don't understand the decision to carpet the bed...
  • phillipmphillipm Member Posts: 32
    mitzij, The standard SSR package (1SA) comes with a standard painted, metal bed. If you get the Preferred Equipment Group (1SB) the bed has a black fiberglass type bedliner. If you opt. for the Cargo Equipment Trim Option you get the carpeted bed with the 9 wood strips. I think you're right that the carpeted, bed with wood strips, is a bit overkill but at least you can get it in 2 other versions.
  • mitzijmitzij Member Posts: 613
    Now I feel better. At least someone could buy one and actually use it like a little truck, rather than just a show car. The salesman said when he ordered it, he checked all the options so he could see them all.
  • hotdhshotdhs Member Posts: 6
    Having owned a SSR for the past month and 1300miles on it, I can honestly say I haven't come down to earth yet. Although others tell me that there are 3 SSRs in my town of Palm Springs, I still haven't seen another SSR on the road yet. With my business logos labeled on the sides and the back, I think I am getting more recognition and advertising for my business than If I had spent thousands in the local paper. What better than associating an American made sensation - which is very inviting and looks friendly- with my hot springs resort. SSR doesn't intimidate like some expensive imports. Instead it draw people and brings out a smile.
    Perhaps SSR may follow the path of the Prowler. I hope this happens. It will be better for me. I plan to buy another SSR. May be a red one this time!
  • mirthmirth Member Posts: 1,212
    "Perhaps SSR may follow the path of the Prowler. I hope this happens. It will be better for me."

    LOL :-)
  • wcollinswcollins Member Posts: 45
    Just watched a test drive on the SSR on Speed Channel. Wow factor great!, power acceptable 105 mph reached on track, both drivers complained about body flex and squeaks. They were driving in the Venice Beach area of perfect roads. I don't think it would survive rattle free, let say, Chicago or any other area of the country with imperfect/average streets. I would imagine after a year or so of driving, the rattles and squeaking would probably drive you crazy and create a sort of embarrassment when you are entertaining in your SSR.
  • gsemikegsemike Member Posts: 2,197
    When I saw the SSR at the auto show a couple of years ago, I thought that it was pretty neat especially since a mid-30s price was being thrown around. So it comes out at almost $50K? It's nice that it's a pleasant cruiser, but 305 hp driving 4700 pounds at that price with a bed that is borderline unusable?

    There was a recent article in USA Today about how GM is pinning all of the hopes on specialty coupes and retro cars. With the PT and Beetle fading fast, and the T-Bird a flop, aren't they a little late to the game?

    Instead of counting on the throwback charm of the SSR, HHR, and Nomad how about putting out a sedan that doesn't just shoot for the middle of the pack like the new Malibu does? Who told GM that America is pining for a car with huge chrome bars wrapped across the front and back? GM will protect their turf with class leading mass market cars, not flawed specialty cars with limited shelf lifes. I honestly want to like domestic cars, but GM just doesn't get it.
  • hotdhshotdhs Member Posts: 6
    Now 4500 miles and nearly 3 months later, You would think that I'll be over the initial WOW by now, but, not so. Each morning as walk out the door and see my yellow SSR, its like seeing it for the first time like the time I saw my wife for the first time. Over and over and over... It's just amazing. I get treated better and people remember me more by my car. Service station which I've been going to for the past 2 years didn't knew me from another John. But, now, they know me and even saids Hello.
    For few criticisms: The body line between the sheets of metal is little disappointing. They are not flush and even( or plumb) like the foreign cars. The seam where the hard top locks into the top of front windshield squicks and was very noisy, but little silicone spray did the job and now no problem. Automatic side window release when I open the door doesn't work sometimes and I would have to force the door open. Rear cargo cover doesn't lock easily so I have to push down hard and slam it. Like wise cargo hatch has to be slammed hard to completely close it (watch your fingers!!!) Middle console cover isn't lined up properly and doesn't close easily. Wished there were more storage slots/spaces.
    I've been trying to get some after market products but I haven't found any yet. I am trying to find some place to fabricate me a satin finish rear spoiler(as a handle for opening the cover) on top of the cargo cover, find a bra for the front end to prevent further damages(chipping paint)--paint job doesn,t seem to hold like the foreign cars, and replace the front grill. I am satisfied with the speed and HP but I want more. Someone told me, by Redoing the exhaust to true dual exhaust I can get more HP. May be a computer chip too. I've added some Prolong engine treatment and it seems to have made the engine run noticeablely smoother. If you can afford to have one, just get it. You'll never be sorry.
     I saw the new 2004 silver SSR. --- in my view, retro style and modern color doesn't mix.
    p.s. Just don't neglect your wife and kids.
  • videopokervideopoker Member Posts: 2
    In Texas it is a law that you have a front license plate. When I bought my Violet 2004 SSR it included a front mounting bracket for the plate. I have looked and looked, but can't find a way to attach it without drilling holes in the grill. Having just purchased my SSR I don't want to deface it. Is there anyone out there that can tell me where I can purchase a bracket that will not require drilling holes in the grill? I may be wrong about the mounting procedure but I can find no other way of attaching the bracket supplied by GM other than drilling. Please help.
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Member Posts: 200

    There is no place for your plates. Come register it in California
  • mirthmirth Member Posts: 1,212
    Can you just stick the plate in the corner of the front windshield?

    Michigan doesn't require a front plate, so maybe the domestics don't worry about designing for it. The Mazda RX-8 has this same problem - put a front plate in front of that big grill and it looks like the car has a big buck tooth.
  • videopokervideopoker Member Posts: 2
    Well, I didn't let the dealership attached the license plate frame that GM supplied. I am not going to put the front plate on. I have noticed several corvettes and firebirds without one, so I'm going to press my luck. I even contacted GM and got no help at all. They acted like hey not our problem (which I guess it isn't). Thanks for the ideas and help.
  • rampedramped Member Posts: 358
    at EPCOT on Friday. Surprised at how small this thing is inside. You can't adjust the seat without opening the door. Overall, I'm afraid I wasn't impressed, although I might have been if they had taken the top down. That is the only way to drive one of these. It's almost claustrophobic with the roof up.

    For the bucks, there are too many better options. In fact, I liked the VUE Redline V6 AWD better than this, and the VUE felt a lot quicker.
  • phillipmphillipm Member Posts: 32
  • randerson42randerson42 Member Posts: 3
    The SSR is a neat idea, but reminds me of the Prowler in the sense that the body and styling write a check that the power train just cannot cash. If they would but the Corvette Z06 engine and 6 speed manual transmission in the SSR they would really have something. Until then...
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    its trans, for the price they would probably charge you could get the new Ram with the viper motor.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,129
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  • automiteautomite Member Posts: 17
    more dealers in my area now have ssr's on lot. like what i see, so i have been doing more research. just recently dealers are able to sell gms pricing to employees and family. it amounts to about 10% off retail. usually in this price catagory you would save 16-20%. interesting to hear comments from above postings. where one doesn't like the silver color for a retro look, it's the only color i would consider buying. i also like the looks of the truck better with the roof up. i like the roof styling. when i see a roof down ssr coming down the road, it always looks like a moving shoebox to me. at least one dealer in my area has 2003 models still unsold. if the price comes down to 35-38,000 dollars out the door, i'll buy one.
  • hotdhshotdhs Member Posts: 6
    12,000 miles and 6 months later <0>
      I read all these comments about the VALUE for the $$$$ when considering the SSR. I hope they stay that way. They don't deserve to OWN a SSR. We the SSR owners, I believe, are true value conscious people who KNOWS AND ACTS when its the real thing and likes to be flashy and a bit of a show off. $55K gives me lots of choices but I haven't regretted yet. Newer SSR models, I heard, will offer Z06 engine and 6 speed with 390 hp. WOW. I may want to buy another SSR.

    Any ways. My progress report after 6 months:::
    Enjoyment wise DIDO everything I wrote previously. Now for performance and drawbacks:
    I recently drove to Las Vegas through the back roads coasting at 90 - 95 mph with ease. But, at 100, traction control light comes on and made me slightly uncomfortable and disappointing. At 120 mph, lots of squicks and vibrations. ( I recently test drove BMW 6 series at 135 mph on the highway and was smooth and effortless) I realize that they are totally different cars and one is 40K more than the other. When bucks are plenty I'll add the Magna Charger and the flowmasters....for extra ~100+ hp. Again,I had to spray silicone around the seam of the roof to keep the squicks away. I had a slight accident (shame on me) so I have to take it to the body shop - I hit a black speaker box lying in the middle of the road late at night - I am going to change the headlight bulbs to bright white ones to increase the night visibility and limit my driving at night.
    I have recently added my SSR in to my business website and made it an official car of my business. Need I say more.
    To all my fellow SSRers, varooom>>>>>kikikikik>>>>>>>&- amp;- gt;>> ~_~ enjoy!
  • SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    Saturday....MSRP: $40,000

    Additional dealer markup: $35,000


    Price before rebates: $75,000


    I'm wondering if someone is going to buy it lol.
  • hansiennahansienna Member Posts: 2,312
    Rip Off. Who does GM and Chevrolet think they are fooling? (I just got a link to this Forum from Edmunds...otherwise I would not be reading or posting here).
  • 5539655396 Member Posts: 529
    Unfortunately, it sounds like GM has the same level of quality that they had 20 years ago. I don't like it, but I buy Japanese vehicles to avoid this. I also realize that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but why did GM choose this year as their model? The original wasn't much of a vehicle. While a 49 with the inline 6 sounded great with a split manifold and steelpacks, it had trouble getting out of it's own way. I never felt like Chevrolet built a car until the 55 with a V8, in fact I have one, only it has a 425 HP big block in it. I can see why a 55 would not be the best choice for the SSR with it's headlights though. Too bad.
  • 5539655396 Member Posts: 529
    I recently test drove BMW 6 series at 135 mph....


    I too drove a new 6 series convert. Probably the finest car I've driven. It goes and it handles. The guy that designed that exhaust system better have gotten a bonus and a promotion. It is truly poetry in motion. Beautiful, fantastic sound. WOW! Before I shelled out 50 grand for an SSR, I would buy a used 6.
  • 5539655396 Member Posts: 529
    "when i see a roof down ssr coming down the road, it always looks like a moving shoebox to me. at least one dealer in my area has 2003 models still unsold. if the price comes down to 35-38,000 dollars out the door, i'll buy one."


    Be patient. At 50 big ones, you may just find lots of them on the lot. Remember the Lincoln Blackwood? They really had to discount them and didn't sell many. I really think that if those that bought at the close out price hang onto them, they will have a collector item down the road.
  • hdlhdl Member Posts: 1
    Due to a stroke, I sold my 04 Corvette and bought a 05 SSR. It is easier to get in & out of. I love the way it drives and the 05's 390 HP LS2 engine is enough horsepower. I like the fact that it is a conv. like my C5, the top is a breeze to operate. I guess the SSR I bought must be loaded out since it stickered for 49K. I know there are alot of vehicles out there lower priced but not any as unique as the SSR. It drives very nice and has a great exhaust note. Although it will never really be a pickup, I didn't buy it for that reason. All in all I am happy with my choice.
  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,382
    That's pretty funny - must have been an '05. The dealers around here (Columbus, OH) are still loaded with '04s and regularly advertise them for $12,000 below MSRP.
  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,382
    I have bought 12 new vehicles since 1984 - 6 foreign and 6 domestic. My '02 Chevy Avalanche is the most problem-free of all and has yet to go back for any warranty work.
  • rockfordrockford Member Posts: 2
    Let me tell you ---that ain't no 390 Horsepower!!!!

    Unless there is a burn down chip ---the SSR is not even close.

    Yes --you cannot adjust the seat without opening the door!

    Looks like major buying incentives on the horizon again.

    I read the SSR has one of the highest sales to inventory ratios of any manufactured vehicle.

    Wouldn't you rather have a new Z06 !!!
  • goinefgoinef Member Posts: 1
    my ssr is the perfect golf car, I put down the top as long as its not raining or my wife is not with me and drive to the course. I can put the top down and still have room in the back for my clubs. I have a 76 eldorado convert and with the topdown I find it difficult to use the trunk.
  • xkssxkss Member Posts: 722
    It seems like a weird car, but at least it is improved for 2005. It has an available Tremec T56 6 speed manual with an Eaton limited-slip differential for 05 and now comes with a 6.0 liter LS2 with 390 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque. It also has retuned steering. I would rather have a new Pontiac GTO than this, but I wouldn't mind having the SSR.

    What do you think?

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