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Audi Plans More Niche Models

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  • themandarinthemandarin Member Posts: 436
    Potential resurrection of 80s styling
  • ks55ks55 Member Posts: 8
    I would like to see at least one version of the next TT Coupe as a "stripper" - IE FWD only (no Quattro) but with LSD for the front axel, fabric seats no leather, no rear seat, fixed rear spoiler, 2 liter turbo around 225hp, no nav, DSG 7spd trans only, dual throaty mufflers and sold for well under the 39k starting point of the current TT Coupe.....say 34-35k . That would be my dream AUDI as I had a 2001 TT Coupe and sold it prematurely. Still miss it but cant see 39 to start for the current car.
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