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2015 Audi A3 Sedan Pricing Takes Dead Aim at 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA

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  • herrstreetherrstreet Member Posts: 27
    Iphone 5C fans, we have your car ready.
  • tx_gtotx_gto Member Posts: 1
    Quote: "People looking at the A3 aren't cross-shopping domestic cars," he said.

    That's a little arrogant. I'm looking a the Buick Verano Turbo, which is quiet, has decent power, and a passible interior. I have been cross shopping the CLA, ATS, and A3 sedan. The CLA is now off the list since I don't think the value is there. (noisy, cramped, weird looking rear end) I will be looking for an A3 sedan to test drive when they finally arrive but would guess that price gouging will be rampant initially and while I might shell out 10% premium over a Buick, the Audi would have to absolutely have to blow my socks off to make me spend more than that. I also looked at the ATS but would need the AWD version (northern winters) and +$40k was more than I choose to spend.
  • agentorangeagentorange Member Posts: 893
    So Audi has built a car for the US market to fill the gap left when the A4 was upsized, just like BMW with the 1-series and Mercedes with the CLA. The old A4 was pilloried for being small in the back and no doubt the A3 will as well. Thing is, if you want a SMALL car it is quite likely that the interior will be small. The TARDIS field for cars has yet to be invented. You can add to that the American hatred of hatchbacks, the class of car that offers the best space for a given footprint.
  • nitephirenitephire Member Posts: 11
    the fact that it comes with "real leather" and a large sunroof is enough for me. The CLA is just not visually appealing to me at all. Different yes, pretty to look at no. Question, does the AMG model come in AWD?
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