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  • flapsmcgeeflapsmcgee Member Posts: 0
    Is that the same Ecoboost 2.0 that is in the Evoque?
  • agentorangeagentorange Member Posts: 893
    I thought this motor was a turbo lag special?
  • noburgers_noburgers_ Member Posts: 79
    amen for that you've been soooo spoiled. the 2.0 is mom's car, your's is dad's car
  • bassracerxbassracerx Member Posts: 188
    i like that assesment of hilariously overpowered. there ore plenty people scoot along just fine in Honda civics and Toyota corollas who never feel as if their car is slow. compared to other cars sure but they can still go coast to coast at 80mph with cruise control with ease. This is the type of car you buy for your wife or kid that wants a nice car but you dont want them to get in over their heads with power. It does feel strange however with jaguar's heritage being "speed" that they would make a car this "slow" must be the slowest jaguar they made in a long time (i guess that 2.5l v6 from not so long ago was probably more animic but it was a much smaller car)
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