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Dodge Neon SRT-4



  • elvis21elvis21 Posts: 1
    Ok, I have a 2000 Neon, no not a poorly designed 1995 but a "better" 2000 and you know what? IT SUCKS mile 200 the electrical gauges failed where I couldn't see my speed or gas, the whole unit was changed. Then the lights wouldn't come off; second trip to the Dealer in less than a year. Then there have been 4 recalls already (because the DOT is on Dodge [non-permissible content removed], not because they are good sports) in 2 of the recalls I have had to leave the car for a day and therefore catch a ride.

    One day we went to pick up someone to the airport DFW so after picking up this very important people the DAMN car wouldn’t start. I had to rent a car immediately (a Toyota) just to get of the problem and called my motorist club to take care of the problem.
    The battery has been replaced two times and the alternator one. And they actually tried to charge me 115us for the second which I didn’t paid, so then they tried to charge me 45us for the “service” of telling me my battery was dead DUH! Witch also of course didn’t paid. Went to the closest Autozone got the best battery they carry for 35 bucks.

    My wife bended a wheel on a small highway accident, the original Steel well without hubcap is MORE THAN 120 bucks! So I got 4 alloy Montegui Sport 16” for $400 on NTB.

    Please people do whatever you want even getting a FORD but please don’t get a Dodge specially a Neon.

    I have the Neon now as a backup car and drive every day 20 miles on a 150k miles Audi 90 Quattro and I love it.

    PS. The Audi S4 is Bi Turbo V6 with 240 horses and 260 lbs.ft torque AWD there is just no way in hell the Neon could beat it. AWD put a lot more power to the road than FWD or RWD, a good driver can control the overspining anytime but he/she would sacrifice torque to accomplish that. In an AWD you just need to floor the gas and take off on any surface EVEN snow. It is almost impossible to overseer or loose control. If you want to spend less than 20K for power, control, comfort and sophistication go to ebay and get any A4 triptronic Quattro, you’ll never go back to the dark side of American cars.
  • I recently went to and entered their new minisite for the SRT-4 and found out that according to Dodge this car actually has 215 hp/5400 rpm with a redline of 6250 rpm. They claimed the torque to be 245 lbs.ft at 3200 rpm and that it would hold this peak torque through 4200 rpm. I don`t know about you, but if this is true I think the WRX better look out!!
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    "I don`t know about you, but if this is true I think the WRX better look out!!"

    Hardly...w/the torque-steer of the FWD SRT at full-power and/or wet roads the WRX will handily put it in its place. It's good to dream though. :-)

  • I think i read that the it will have equal-length driveshafts and possibly a lim/slip dif ... those will prbly eliminate most of the torque steer ...
  • I thought the SRT was going to be AWD?
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986

    I don't remember an AWD mention anywhere. The equal-length halfshafts are for real though.

    This thing sounds hot. Considering the number of Neon enthusiasts out there racing and autoXing lesser models already, well, it'll probably be in pretty high demand...

  • I just bought a 2003 Neon and I am in love with the car. Looks, power and enough warrantee to make me feel safe. Go Dodge,...

    I just wish the SRT-4 would have come out sooner, then I would have bought it and the only thing you would see is my bumper,...See Ya....
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    If someone is truly in the market for the SRT-4, they would never settle for a regular Neon...
  • A Neon? I thought it was kinda funny last week seeing a Neon chase me all over the road - I drive a 95 Mustang GT.

    I couldn't believe how bloody fast the thing was, until it pulled up alongside me at a red light. Then I saw the hump on the hood and figured it out- Turbo.

    Yesterday I was chased all over by a Mini Cooper "S"!

    How long have these things been on the road?

    Boosted engines all over the place. I'm getting a supercharger myself in the spring (planned on it for a long time!).

    Is it some kind of HP race like the arms race 20 years ago??

    How long are all these tiny boosted engines going to last?
  • bump on the hood doesnt mean its turbo. all neon sports had that, but they just had the dohc 150hp engine. they are alot faster than most people think. with a larger throttle body, intake, bigger ignition wires and an exhaust my neon ran a 15 flat. isnt that what a 95 gt runs, close to there at least. all the old eclipses had that hump too, even the non turbo.
  • Yes, the unfortunate thing is the 94/95's were a high 14 car. No worry though, they are easily taken into the 13's and 12's without much trouble...
  • can get into the 13's without to much trouble or money. there is a turbo kit for the last gen neon for 2400 that puts it in the mid 13's on street tires. the thing with those stangs is that they can be made into 10 second cars on the stock blocks.
  • I unfortunately own a 2000 neon that has given me nothing but headaches. It has an intermitant electrical problem. Without any pattern my car will die while accelerating or idling, it doesn't matter. Sometimes it will restart right away and other times it won't even turn over or even click for hours! It's been to Lucas Dodge in Mount Holly, New Jersey twice and they can't find anything wrong with it. It doesn't leave a code in the computer so they have no means finding what is wrong with it since that is the extent of their expertise. This car has been a total nightmare as my experience with dodge. I researched the lemon laws in my state and I have no case. My wife got in touch with one of the "big dogs" at Chrysler and he told her the neon only has a life expectancy of 60,000 miles! They should advertise that on their commercials! Whatever you do, do not buy a dodge, especially a neon. I do think I solved the problem myself though. While looking under the hood I saw the letters POS on the positive battery terminal and it all came to me "Piece Of [non-permissible content removed]"! I wish I would have seen that before I bought it!
  • not the most reliable cars. i get lucky though i think, mine went 40k without any problems whatsoever, except having to replace the ac compressor,but that came under warranty. then i sold it. feel bad for the next owner though. the interior sucks for sure, my door panel actually came off twice!! haha, glad to have gotten rid of that thing, but it was fun when i had it.
  • Sure, $2400... but take that 2400 and throw it on a 302 and you could be knocking on the 12 second door without worrying when you're going to be in need of a complete overhaul.

    He's a fresh neon race story...

    Last night I was riding around in my friends 94 GT convertible. He only has a catback and 3:55 gears, and 125K miles. This pos neon come zipping up and all we could hear/see was this big fart can. Anyway, he cruises next to us, gives us 3 honks of the horn and they both take off. I'm sitting in the passenger seat in surprise that this neon isn't really getting destroyed by the Mustang. It was actually keeping up for the most part. In the end though, it'll still be a neon hehe.
  • isnt that exactly what i said, the ford motor will be more reliable. so whats your point. or were you just trying to confirm what i said.
  • 94/95 GT's only had 215HP .. not much considering the size of the engine. Depending on whether it was an automatic or a stick a lighter car with 150HP or so probably would be able to keep up at highway speeds.

    I too like the idea of having a 215HP car for less than $20,000 but reading owner experiences on here remind me why I would never consider one. A RSX-S has 200HP normally aspirated and is probably worlds ahead of the Neon in quality and refinement.
  • yep, just reiterating what you said... not trying to be telling you something you don't already know.
  • "Hardly...w/the torque-steer of the FWD SRT at full-power and/or wet roads the WRX will handily put it in its place. It's good to dream though. :-)"

    Well, according to the Dec. issue of SCC, it's going to be very interesting:

    14.2 @ 99.6 mph
    0-60 in 5.8 sec
    braking 60-0 119 ft
    skidpad .85g
    slalom speed 69.0 mph
  • How many people do you think are going to be able to drive the car that good? My best guess is not many.
  • it is still a Neon. People who want a WRX WANT a WRX .. Dodge has burned alot of people with the Neon's quality in the past so they are going to have to market the SRT-4 alot better than they are doing now if they want it to be a success.
  • swinga7swinga7 Posts: 45
    Well its nice that the compact domestics are trying to compete with imports in the power category but I think the domestics should get their acts together and build some decent quality- reliable cars before they go and start putting out performance models.

    yea the srt-4 is a fast car.. i'll give it props. But dont forget its still a dodge neon, A car that has awful reliability when its naturally aspirated. A turbo model? forget about it.. these little crap engines are going to be exploding left and right.
  • it is a totally different engine, so shouldnt we at least wait a little to judge it. its a 2.4 liter, not a 2.0 like the oldies.
  • neon99neon99 Posts: 15
    Crap engines? Give me a break. Except the headgasket (which has not been an issue since 10/98, and which Dodge has covered up to 100K miles under a "secret" warranty) there are no consistent problems with these engines. There is a very large aftermarket of power upgrades, and many people consistently put down 200+ HP on the 2.0L w/o any ill effects.

    Personally, I have gone 51K miles w/o one single warranty issue except the HG at 40K (build date of 9/98). Except for a few squeaks and rattles, it is in perfect running order. But I expect a little noise in an $11,000 car (what I paid for new).

    With any car model, you will have your share of lemons, but the neon seems to be picked on rather harshly. Compare it to it's competition (Focus, Hyundai, Kia, etc.) and I think you will find the newer neons to have higher reliability rates.

    I expect the SRT-4 to be just fine.
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    Actually, other than the head-gasket issue that plagued the '95-97 models (which, interestingly enough, could be cured by tapping one bolt hole an additional 1/32"), the 2.0 has been remarkably strong, and very easy to work with. With stock head, pistons and crank, the little bugger is good for over 300hp.

    Early Neon reliability issues had little to do with the plant.

    I'd take a shot on this one, if I were shopping the category. Sounds like there will be impressive performance for little cost, comfy equipment included and the styling is still a Chrysler strong suit, IMO, aside from the ridiculous butt-handle and scoop.

    These guys are starting (once again) to head in the right direction. QC has improved steadily since '98, though, obviously, like a number of other mfrs domestic and foreign, they have a way to go still.

    The 2.4 isn't new, BTW.
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    Sorry neon99, we crossed in the mail.

    Glad we agreed!
  • didnt say the 2.4 was new, but its a different engine from the 2.0 and is new to the neon. i had a 2000 sport that took the abuse of hard driving even after i put on the tec II turbo kit. the 2.4 does have new parts though, its not the same exact one chrysler has been using in the p.t. and other 4 clynder models.
  • dtam1dtam1 Posts: 2
    I am the original owner of a 97 Neon, which now has more than 111,000 miles on it. So I'll put my $0.02 in and here's my little repair story....

    ~10000mi battery went dead, fixed under warranty.
    ~20000mi the infamous headgasket, fixed under warranty with the new MLS design, which is much better.
    ~80000mi thermostat went, total cost to repair - $6
    ~90000mi starter went, total cost to repair $220

    So total unexpected repair cost - $226
    Other than the headgasket issue, I think my neon is very reliable. In fact, more reliable than my dad's corolla bought new in 90. My car still runs great and it is faster than it was new, thanks to a few mods. I think a lot of people dismiss Chrysler without ever driving one, then they just repeat other people's opinion like it is their own.

    Magazines (Edmunds especially!)always complain about the "cheap" interior of the neon. Well, what do you expect??!You know, if your honda/toyota/nissan costs literally 1000s (like >$4000) more than the neon, it better has nice interior. Hell, I can make the carpet made out of leather with that much money. Yes, a lot of the stuff on the neon is cheap, but they are functional. Everything on my car still works, nothing has fallen off yet. Compare that to my dad's corolla, which had all the door handles fallen off and the radio broken before turning 100,000mi

    As for the SRT-4, did you know Chrysler made more turbocharged engines than other manufactures? SCC tested it with 223hp and 250ft/lbs, that's at the wheels, not crank. Did Dodge sent a tuned model? May be, may be not - go test drive one before you judge it.

    Not all neons are lemons, just like not all VW/Audi or BMW are great. Here are some suggested readings

    Peace out
  • When Chrysler says it'll be the fastest car under 20k they are lying to us. There is no way a single dealer will sell that car for the MSRP during the first year. Remember when they raped people for the PT cruisers? Jeez, some people payed up to 10k over msrp. Daimler Chrysler corp either doesnt give two rats about their customers or they cant control even the fabled "five star" dealers. I've owned many the mopar but I'll bet that I can get a faster better handling WRX for less in 2003.

    Hey Chrysler I challenge you to stick to your promise of fastest car for under $20,000. Make your dealers sell them for that and I may just get one.
  • dtam1dtam1 Posts: 2
    Price gouging happens in every single car that is "hot". It is simple supply and demand. Spend some time to find a dealer that doesn't price gouge, or wait till the initial demand is over.

    If you call that lying, then Suburu was lying about that "faster and better handling WRX" too. I remember price gouging when that came out, same thing to the 350Z, beetle, miata, S2000,......
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