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Volkswagen: Future Models

Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
Talk about future Volkswagen models here!

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  • thor8thor8 Member Posts: 303
    I have been watching VW for the last few years and I have noticed that VW has become the most progresive company of all, the quality has become first class and innovation even more so, four new vehicles three of wich is almost a reality, the Phaeton, the Touareg and W12 sports car and the full size pick-up which may become a reality. If you read the specs for each one of them you have to agree technically they are vehicles of the first class and if you weigh in what is offered for the money they are a better deal than the more expensive brands.
  • ferrandizferrandiz Member Posts: 1
    I would like to have some feedback from golf 1.8T owners regarding gas/mileage.
    I own a golf 1.8T. and I love it, but lately I have noticed that the new car was burning more gas that my previous golf III manual transmition. I just checked on my last trip and I went 200 miles on highway for half of the tank. about 28 miles/gallon. is this all right????
    This is like 11 liters/100 km wich it is a lot. The specification says 6.2 liter/100 km.

    sorry for mixing up miles and Km but I am from spain and i always think on liters and KM

    thank you
  • big_guybig_guy Member Posts: 372
    Does anyone know if VW plans on bringing the 2.5L V6 TDI over to the states? Just curious.
  • silverhlltdsilverhlltd Member Posts: 21
    'Wouldn't It Be Lovely' as the song goes!

    Was at two dealers yesterday, and of course they didn't know nothin'. Simply amazing, isn't it?

    First dealer told me to come back today to test drive a Jetta TDI sedan, as he was the only salesman there. Wonder what he thought I was, a looker! Maybe he sensed that I really wanted the Wagon?

    Second dealer had a Jetta TDI wagon that I'm interested in, but in that dumb blue color and w/o leather, and with the automatic transmission, and we did go for a short test drive. Nice, but I want to drive one further than just around the block.

    Seems like the dealers don't have any stock either. 'Drivers Wanted' means you must buy from stock also, as they don't seem to want to be bothered ordering one for you exactly as you want it. Oh well.

    Please let us know if you find out anything about the 2.5L V6 TDI such as if, when, HP etc. Thanks.
  • benminerbenminer Member Posts: 2
    If I were Volkswagon, I would make a 2-door, rear-wheel drive coupe with a 200 HP+ V6 and a manual. Bring back the Scirocco, enough people remember that name don't they? Market it as a poor man's BMW 3-series, but make sure it's not too small. I'm sure Audi would also like to have a 2-door to compliment the A4.

    As a single male in my twenties I would not be interested in any of Volkswagon's current products. The Jetta is too girly, the Passat is too big and expensive, the Golf is a pocket rocket, and I wouldn't be caught dead owning a Beetle. Don't get me wrong they are nice cars, but they are not for me. But what I WOULD be interested in is a RWD 2-door VW.

    Well that's my .02

  • balticjetta18tbalticjetta18t Member Posts: 146
    1st off, do you have a Manual tranny or an Automatic... If you have an automatic then that is decent mileage. If it is a 5sp man then it is normal. I have the same motor in my Jetta 5sp and combined range is 26-30 mpg's using 91 or 93 octane petrol. How about the motor oil? Are you using Synthetic or Mineral based? I have heard that Synthetic oil will yield better mileage...
  • soochsooch Member Posts: 5
    Does anyone know if they are planing to bring the TDI pickup back to the states?
  • sharona1973sharona1973 Member Posts: 11
    This thread is a little old, but I hope someone sees this....

    I was reading in a car magazine today that VW might be coming out with a small SUV based on the Golf called the Marrakesh? I think it's already in Europe. Can anyone verify or confirm? I would love to get a VW....but want something a little more exciting than the Jetta Wagon and less expensive than the Toureag.

  • armchair67armchair67 Member Posts: 4
    When's VW gonna bring back the REAL Beetle-the one with the air cooled rear engine, the affordable pricetag, the one that is reliable and durable and fun and classless? VWs current lineup is a joke. All I hear about are reliablity problems. Enthusiasts begged VW for 20 years to bring back the real Beetle and instead we get that rediculous, insulting, girly New Beetle. I think that was just a really mean, bad joke. And then they stop production in Mexico of the thing altogether. Their reasoning? Sales-the car had been selling at 50,000 units for the last few years. Then Mexico made a law stating no more 2 door taxis-so sales sropped to 30,000 and stayed there. They aren't making a profit on a car that has had a minimum of design costs since the 1930s?? OK, but they can still pedal us cars that cost millions to develop and still do not sell. The old Beetle in its las year outsold the Golf, GTI,Cabrio,Eurovan in the US in '03-and you can add the New Beetle and Phaeton, and I would guess, the Toureg, for '04. Morons.
  • 600kgolfgt600kgolfgt Member Posts: 690
    Looks like the perfect theme regarding VW management philosophy these days is "Surrounded By Idiots"....
  • mnavamnava Member Posts: 5
    any VW truck coming soon?
  • vwbussmannvwbussmann Member Posts: 5
    I have to say I completly agree with you. Bring back the old AIRCOOLED VW's. I owned 1 watercooled VW and will never own another. All the VW's I own are aircooled and they all run GREAT..
    SO VW bring back aircooled, and the old body style of the bugs..
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Looks like this discussion is dead (Jim), no posts in over six years. But the next Golf is around the corner! Maybe it deserves its own discussion? I was going to create one for it but saw this discussion.

    If the Golf VII is out by mid-2013, and it appears it will be (launch scheduled for Paris this September), it will definitely be on my shopping list for my next car purchase. The current Golf is already on my list, but the redesign looks appealing in terms of engine (2.5L going bye-bye, we hope) and lighter weight, which should mean better fuel economy.
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