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Top 10 Best Cars for Short Drivers for 2013 Posts: 9,975
edited September 2014 in General

imageTop 10 Best Cars for Short Drivers for 2013

It's important to choose a car that best fits your size and stature. These 10 vehicles are our 2013 picks for the best cars for shorter drivers.

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  • Did you guys go off of just headroom/legroom measurements alone? The Forester has awesome head and leg room, but the cockpit won't fit a tall driver (6'0"+) comfortably at all. Short seat back, short seat cushion, limited range of adjustment on tilt/telescoping wheel make for a painful drive for tall people.

    Yeah, it's got ample head and leg room.. if you like straight arming the steering wheel as you sit on a bookshelf with a bolster crammed up under your shoulder blades.
  • nnn8888nnn8888 Posts: 2
    edited January 2018
    Best car for diminuitive drivers may not be the best for the immense driver. The vertically challenged do have fewer options then the verically extended. Would be nice if they could adapt more vehicles to fit more drivers.
  • nnn8888nnn8888 Posts: 2
    edited January 2018
    ....and we should mention the diminuitive, vertically challenged adult passenger who would enjoy a better view from the passenger seat. Very few options to raise seat height there.
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