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Why GM only offers the qudrasteer 1500 as a Denali

mr620mr620 Member Posts: 60
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
if 4ws end up a failure, rich suv clients are more forgiving then truck owners


  • catamcatam Member Posts: 331
    This is a new technology, (it is not the same as what was on the Prelude many years ago), and it is also an option that only a few buyers may find necessary. Thus to recoup the initial production costs, GM has no real choice except to offer it on their "luxury truck" to buyers who can afford it whether they really need/want it or not.
    If it is successful expect to see it filter down to all full size truck models in coming years.
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    They better get the cost down before it filters down. Car and Driver reported it's probably going to be a $3500 option. I have no problem parking a long-bed, ext. cab but I suppose some do. Alot of Denali buyers probably aren't as familiar with trucks and it could be a big advantage. The only part about it that interested me was when towing a trailer it substantially reduced the trailer from wagging during an emergency lane change. Could be helpful, but that's still a stiff price. When people are whining about paying $4000 for a diesel engine, I can't imagine many ponying up $3500 for this.
  • catamcatam Member Posts: 331
    It sounds like a neat feature, but I don't think I'd personally pay $1000 for it let alone $3500. I never had any trouble either towing or parking when I owned an Ext cab pickup. So I don't know why I'd want to pay extra for a system that is likely to create some maintenance headaches.
  • PAmanPAman Member Posts: 207
    It will soon be on the Silverado....I think late spring was the estimated date I read.

    Who needs it? Probably anyone who needs to use a big truck in tight spaces, such as urban areas. If that is the case, it will probably sell well when you can get the 4-wheel steering without all of the other stuff that some people may not want, such as leather.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    If you park big trucks in tight spaces, you have idiots that will back into it, ding it, etc.
  • ak4x4ak4x4 Member Posts: 126
    I don't see spending 45-50K on a 1500. Tha's all it is. It's a 1500 LT with the qudrasteer system thats all! For that money I would get a fully loaded 3500 LT! It will be like the Avalanche in the first few years. Too many soccer moms buying them. I would like to see the uadrasteer go 4-buying though. Talk about a service nightmare!!!
  • f1julesf1jules Member Posts: 288
    "If you park big trucks in tight spaces, you have idiots that will back into it, ding it, etc."

    Yes, and you still have idiot large truck owners doing equally stupid things with their trucks.

    ak-Yes, the quadrasteer chevy will never catch on. At least in the Prelude (some 10 or so years ago now) it was reliable-I don't see how the chevy version is any different/innovative/better than the Honda version of 10 YEARS AGO!!!
  • xyz71xyz71 Member Posts: 179
    It will never catch on? Thats what people said about automatic trannys - who needs them I know how to shift my own gears!! The down side IMO is the added weight - 400 pounds I think - If you buy a truck to haul loads you are taking a big bite out of your capacity.

    The problem with Honda (and other small sporty cars 4 wheel steering) is they handle so good with 2 wheel steering. The added capabilities will only be noticed when car is driven close to its limit. Something only a small % of drivers will ever do. With 4WS on a full size - crew cab long bed - everyone driving it will see a big improvement in handling.

    Not that this means everything - but the car rags that have tested quadrasteer have all raved about how nice it is. I think I will wait until after I drive one with 4ws before I make up my mind. What a concept - actually have some real life experience with something before forming an opinion on it!
  • ak4x4ak4x4 Member Posts: 126
    Question: would you buy this new system and go 4-wheeling with it? Also would you be willing to spend 10K more then a simular equipped LT for the Denali upgrade?? Maybe I should go find a older Honda Prelude 4WS and buy it!. That car never had any problems and one pal still owns one!
  • xyz71xyz71 Member Posts: 179
    You ask would I go off road? hell yes - why not. What does 4ws have to do with anything. I can't see how it could hurt off road performance.

    Would I pay an extra $10,000? Hell no - do you think I'm nuts. By the time 4ws shows up as an option it will cost much less. Would I pay $1,000? Maybe - but $500 seems like a fair price to me.
  • minikinminikin Member Posts: 389
    want it off-road? Put Quadrasteer on a Tahoe and I could probably get it down Black Bear without a problem.
    -- Don
  • catamcatam Member Posts: 331
    Quadrasteer will be available on all full size extended cab models for 2003, also look for some minor styling changes, if you want more info and pics, I believe ther is a link on the "Return on GM's might" thread. Also will be available on the Suburban/Yukon XL. Haven't heard any pricing info yet.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    in case you didnt know they debuted at the chicago autoshow

    1500 CC with the quadrasteer
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