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Top 10 SUVs and Crossovers for Tall Drivers for 2013

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imageTop 10 SUVs and Crossovers for Tall Drivers for 2013

These 10 crossovers and SUVs fare best when it comes to providing a spacious environment for tall drivers.

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    bigkidjoshbigkidjosh Member Posts: 1
    I'm 6'11" and you just can't go by the numbers. I don't fit comfortably in newer Tahoes and Escalades (I used to own an older Tahoe I fit fine in) I tested a lot of SUVs last year before I went with a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee which has awesome legroom/headroom and didn't make your list. People can even sit behind me with the seat all the way back, and I can fold the rear seats flat with the driver seat all the way back. I couldn't even do that with my Tahoe. Don't go by the numbers because they make no sense. I have sat in two different model cars that state they had the same legroom dimensions and I couldn't fit my legs in one and I bought the other because it had the most leg room (the Grand Cherokee). The Ford Explorer was also very comfortable and that didn't make the list.
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    deck4deck4 Member Posts: 1
    this gentlemen was so on about cant go by the numbers the Jeep Grand Cherokee I had tons of room thanks for your help bigkidjosh
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