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This is also a continuation of this previous (now archived) Mazda6 hatchback discussion. And to start, here's a direct link to Edmunds' preview article of the 3003 Mazda 6 from 10/17/2001. Thanks for your comments. ;-)

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  • revkarevka Member Posts: 1,750
    from Edmunds' Daily Headlines section:

    "Mazda replaces its slow-selling 626 sedan in 2003 with a new midsize car called the Mazda6, the requisite four-door sedan will be the first to arrive. A four-door hatchback, a body style not available in the midsize segment, and a wagon, which few rivals offer, will follow later in the year."

    Read the full story here: Mazda Goes Along with Trend by Introducing New Hatchback, Chicago Tribune, 2002-01-21. What do you think? If you come across more information about the Mazda6 hatchback, feel free to share it here. Thanks for your participation.

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  • gregg21gregg21 Member Posts: 1
    I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but it looks a lot like a Sedan, except for the rear wiper. Pretty sweet ride though... looks like a cross betweenan Acura TL and a Lexus IS 300, and with a lower price to boot.

    Wonder if the seat fold flat?

  • elec3elec3 Member Posts: 160
    Look very similar to the Protege5. If you cut that picture like so:

    And what you have is a yellow Protege5 :) Still, I imagine Mazda will do something to make the 6 larger inside than the 5 and Protege sedan, otherwise there wouldn't be much point. I'm happy to see it though, the 626 is getting to be a horribly dated design and is not enough car to compete with the Toyotas and Hondas of the world.

    PS: Apologies to Edmunds for reposting that picture. The 2-second Photoshop was the easiest way for me to let everyone out there see what I was seeing.
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    we need more hatchbacks. Bring it on!
  • manticoremanticore Member Posts: 1
    I've owned two Mazda 626 5 doors in the past. I currently have a 1990 626 GT 5 door which I'm looking to replace in the next year or so. I would definitely be interested in a 5 door Mazda 6 should it be offered in the US. It has to be offered with a 5 speed manual, however. A turbo on top of that would be even better. My current GT is a 5 speed with turbo and I love it. I saw the 5 door Mazda 6 at the Detroit International Auto Show and it was very sharp. Much more interesting than the sedan version.
  • kenokakenoka Member Posts: 218
    This poor thread seems to be sleeping. I too think the hatchback is the best looking of the three. The sedan and the wagon are both gorgeous, but the hatchback is simply breathtaking! If I wanted to raise a bit of ruckus, I might say that the sedan is reminiscent of the IS300/Altezza (hmm, Altezza, Atenza...maybe that's why it's called the 6), and the wagon looks a bit like the Audi A4 Avant. The hatchback on the other hand looks very unique. Opinions?
  • verozahlverozahl Member Posts: 574
    Opinions, Kenoka? I agree, the Atenza/6 is the child of a Altezza/A4 Avant. It's a new breed of small-midsize sporty sedan/wagon. The 5-door hatchback, though, needs reintroduction. It got my parents into an Accord back in 1982. The new Accord and new 6 should be somewhat similar, dontcha think?
  • kenokakenoka Member Posts: 218
    I remember the Accord hatchback. I thought that was a 3-door hatch though? I don't remember a 5-door. I agree that there should be more hatchbacks on the market. Not to start the SUV flame war all over again, but it seems buyers are coming back around to the obvious virtues of wagons and hatchbacks: utility, convenience, economy, and performance all in one package. I have been looking at wagons because of utility (I have a dog also), but upon seeing the Mazda6 hatchback I knew I had come home. Although there is a sacrifice in space/utility between it and the wagon, there's no question which has the instant desire factor. I had heard that Honda might bring back the Accord wagon, but nothing about a hatchback. In what ways were you thinking they'd be similar?
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Member Posts: 2,287
    Does anyone know when the hatchback will be available in dealerships? Or the sedan? Or the wagon?
  • kenokakenoka Member Posts: 218
    Ha,ha now if you want POS we can talk about the 1981 Ford Fairmont my dad bought after his 1979 Pinto crapped out. We also had a 1978 Pinto with the big glass hatchback. I was under 10 back then, otherwise I might have worn a bag over my head any time I was forced to ride in those beauties. ;) The final straw was the 1985 Escort that my dad talked me into buying when I scrounged up enough money to buy a car. It had the tackiest red vinyl interior I have ever seen. Being 16 I drove it like I was AJ Foyt. The irony is that the Fairmont broke down and was in the shop, and my dad had to borrow my car. He was enjoying driving a stick for the first time in years. He pushed it a little on the way home, and promptly blew two cylinders! He was so mortified he promised me he'd buy me another car. I was ecstatic, since I hated the Escort anyway, but to my horror I was given the keys to the Fairmont! :O
    Anyway, sorry for the length, but your story took me back. Needless to say my dad is no longer a Ford man...they now have a 1992 Accord wagon.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Member Posts: 2,287
    Twice the quality?

    See post 75 in Ford Focus wagons forum here at Edmunds. It isn't atypical of the experiences I have heard. How many recalls has Focus had?

    Admittedly, it is MUCH more fun to drive than the average small car. Were it not for its abysmal quality record, I might buy a Focus.
  • revkarevka Member Posts: 1,750
    gotta ask that we're careful about the language we use here. Remember this is a family oriented website.

    And to get back to the subject, someone above asked when Mazda6 might be arriving.... If anyone hears anything about that, particularly about the hatch, we hope you'll return here to share the news.... Thanks for your participation.

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  • kenokakenoka Member Posts: 218
    Sorry Revka-mea culpa.
    On the intro-I have heard both spring 2003 and fall 2003. What I'm really interested in is the MazdaSpeed or MPS version. I think this will probably be offered a year later, as Mazda has done with the Protege. Has anyone heard whether it will be offered as a hatch?
  • civicwcivicw Member Posts: 135
    The hatch is scheduled to be available in May/June of next year, along with the wagon. Mazda has it backwards, it's the hatch that will be a big hit with buyers tired of the same old family sedans. I can't believe that somebody at Mazda actually gets paid big bucks to make decisions like this!

    I must say that those Mazda designers for the hatch deserve an award, for giving it a sedan look. That styling will satisfy the traditional sedan buyer who also wants more utility.
  • kenokakenoka Member Posts: 218
    Hey, that's me! Actually, I'm more like the wagon buyer who needs the utility but wants something with a little more visual appeal than the standard boxy wagon. Although to be honest I really like the look of the 6 just isn't as good looking as the hatch. The hatchback is really the best of both worlds, and in the case of the 6 it's the best looking of the bunch; a design coup.
  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 46,073
    I agree about the hatch being the best of both worlds, like my '91 626 was (not a 2001 as some of you were so kind to point out).

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD , 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat Ecoboost FWD.

  • fgaydosfgaydos Member Posts: 319
    I have a '00 ZX3 Focus and it is a pain with the recalls. Though most were for nonsense, one was for a rear wheel nut.
    However, that being said, the '02 Focus do not have recalls. This is consistant with Ford. In all of Ford car profiles in Consumers Reports, the first year quality is terrible and improves year to year to the point that they become best buys from CR
    Point of story, check out the ZX5, no recalls and it's loaded with power everything. Cheap.
    Still love my ZX3, it's a blast to drive.
  • tdp05tdp05 Member Posts: 16
    I think the hatch is a great looking car. Any idea on estimated pricing?
  • dayokayodedayokayode Member Posts: 31
    I agree that the hatchback is the fairest of them all; it just looks great in yellow.

    I've not seen anything on pricing; to be competitive, however, it ought to start around 18k.
  • tdp05tdp05 Member Posts: 16
    It'll be competing with the Accord, Altima, Camry class, I'm guessing?

    I don't like yellow cars that much, but the hatch looks beautiful with the yellow and the dark tint. The blue isn't so bad either.

    You think the hatch will be significantly more than the 4 door?
  • kenokakenoka Member Posts: 218
    Pricing is expected to stay in the neighborhood of the 626 (18-22000). I would expect a small increase in pricing, but I'm sure the boys in Hiroshima know that they have to price themselves below the Camry and Accord to be competitive at this point. I haven't heard any pricing difference between the sedan and the hatchback. Maybe it'll be like the WRX, where the wagon is $500 LESS than the sedan. I won't hold my breath though. Most likely a $500-1000 premium.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Member Posts: 2,329
    The Japanese market prices are posted. Convert from Yen to USD and add a bit for transportation and customs. I think they all start at about $18,000US. Strangely enough, the wagon and hatch both end lower than the sedan. It must have a longer options list.
  • kenokakenoka Member Posts: 218
    As great as it would be to get Japanese market pricing, it doesn't happen very often. Cars are often significantly cheaper in the Japanese market versus over here. Much of it has to do with the ultra-restrictive taxing structure for cars over there which makes it more economical to buy a new car every three or four years than to license an older car. The automakers also often hedge pricing for Yen to Dollar fluctuations.
    That being said, it looks like the Sport and Wagon versions are at about a $2000 premium in Japan. This probably (and hopefully) represent the premium in the US because wagons and hatchbacks are much more popular in Japan.

    From the Mazda Japan website:
    Sedan w/2.3l: 2,100,000 Yen = 16,894.91 USD
    Sport w/2.3l: 2,300,000 Yen = 18,503.83 USD
    Sport wagon is priced same as Sport. Pricing as of today's exchange rate.

    So if they fudge a little, a mild price increase over the 626 is very reasonable.
  • doolin98doolin98 Member Posts: 2
    All I hear from these auto companies is that Americans won't buy a mid-size four door hatch. Just because some of the hatches of the 80s leaked and looked different from sedans, does not mean Americans will only buy sedans. It means we want cool looking hatches that don't leak. The hottest selling cars in the compact segment currently have a wagon/hatch look (ie. Toyota Matrix, Protege5, and WRX). I think Mazda would find a sedan looking vehicle with a hatch will sell well considering it has no competition in its class.
  • bpibpi Member Posts: 120
    If it's defined by the inventory in number of days, then yes. I doubt they're hot-selling based on absolute numbers. Also, looking like a wagon/hatchback is not what sells the Matrix. Probably looking like an SUV has more to do with it.

    Do Americans want a mid-size vehicle with a V-6 and a manual transmission? I do. Most Americans don't.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Member Posts: 2,329
    The wagon too.

    My wife'll be looking soon. Definitely looking for a wagon or 5-dr hatch since she needs to haul around her cello.

    And my next car (not truck, SUV or minivan) will be a 5-dr hatch or wagon. Got my sights on the P5, unless the 6 hatch or wagon better fits my needs and desires.
  • vocusvocus Member Posts: 7,777
    I don't see what the big deal is about Americans and hatchbacks. It seems that here, most people associate hatchbacks with bargain basement economy cars. They are so versatile though, and easy to load alot of stuff into. They also are (in some cases, but only a little) smaller than their sedan counterparts.

    Also, they have rear wipers, which improves vision out the back alot in inclement weather to boot.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Member Posts: 2,329
    Although they did cave in to "mainstream" market demands in the US and came out with the sedan version of their new 9-X first, with their traditional hatchback format to follow. Of course, they're using the Epsilon platform from GM for it.

    I just wish Mazda would offer the hatch and wagon alongside the sedan. There will likely be more competitors in these body styles by the time Dec 2003 rolls around.

    I always wanted a hatch or wagon, but never found one I liked or had enough side doors (sorry, no 3-door hatches for me). Well, at least before the P5 finally came over here, but I already had my Pro sedan by then (it's only 3.5 years old...can't justify replacing it yet, not if I want to keep things okey-dokey at home). My wife is looking around to replace her Saturn sedan soon and would like something with a little more cargo space than the P5 with its reliability and usability. I think the 6 hatch or wagon would fit the bill nicely, but who knows when her Saturn will finally keel over?
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    The silly thing is that a hatch can be built to look exactly like a sedan. Just move the hinge from below the rear window to above the rear window and you have a hatch. I don't understand why anybody would buy a sedan over a hatch especially if they look the same.
  • orangelebaronorangelebaron Member Posts: 435
    The hatch is already on sale in England according to some English car magazine I thumbed through.
    Mazda website now has a "contact us" by email.... so y'all email them and tell them to hurry up and while they're at it, retain the folding mirrors and repeat signals for the US market!
  • mazdafunmazdafun Member Posts: 2,329
    That's key, especially for my wife, who has knocked off the side mirror on her Saturn with the side of the garage door opening.

    I sometimes use mine when I park too close to the metal support column in my garage instead of moving the car. It was one factor in my buying a Protege.
  • orangelebaronorangelebaron Member Posts: 435
    But since they're not required here... most car companies save a few bucks by putting fixed mirrors on their domestic issue versions. Hopefully Mazda will be the better man and put the convenient folding mirrors on them for us. Toyota puts fixed mirrors even on their $30,000 cars. Fixed mirrors are an attractive nuisance because they get in your way in the garage, pedestrians have been injured by them from passing cars, they get knocked off on narrow streets, etc., etc.

    A Saturn had it's mirror broken off.?..
    Gee...What a suprise! My Saturn mirror was broken off easily too...piece of dreck. I even emailed Saturn about it. They are only interested in saving money.
    Last week on Route 1 in NJ I saw two cars almost collide. They both tried to change lanes into the center lane at the same time. The car at fault was a Saturn. The FOOL was driving with no driver's side was broken off. While the guy is foolish... I can understand that someone had probably bumped into his mirror and easily broke it off.

    I see many Saturns and Focus' by the way with mirrors broken off. My next car will have foldaway mirrors!
  • voochvooch Member Posts: 92
    It wouldn't make any difference to me upon buying the car whether it has folding mirrors or not, although I would prefer folding. I've only had 1 car with folding mirrors and as of yet, it doesn't make a bit of difference. I would hope you wouldn't rule out any car just because of folding mirrors. Of course its a bonus though. =)

    If you are driving all the time with a 4 inch tolerance between your car and other objects, you need be worried about more than just folding mirrors! You may want to drive a tank.
  • jfgoingjfgoing Member Posts: 13
    Let me tell you a story of well made side mirrors. Some time in the late 80's when I was driving an '87 Camry, I snugged up the passenger side of the car to a pole in the parking garage at work so I could fit into a tight spot. I had a long hard day and when time came to leave I reversed the car out of the spot way too fast – I heard the “Bang!” of the mirror slamming into the pole just as I remembered about being too close.

    I figured the mirror was history. There were about five pieces of plastic lying on the floor, and the mirror bit had landed face down on the concrete. Being an engineer, I gathered up the bits to see how the thing had been made. To my great surprise the mirror surface was barely scratched and each of the plastic pieces was still intact – I could just fit the assembly back together and replace it on the car. Even the mirror adjustment mechanism had survived (although it was a bit looser now).

    Impressed the heck out of me. I never knocked it off again and it survived for many more years. So count me as a vote for high quality folding (and more :-) mirrors.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Member Posts: 2,329
    Making it more likely to knock off mirrors. Developers getting cheaper. My 18 year-old house has a much bigger garage than ones being built today.

    Besides, it's worth paying a little more up front than to face a couple-hundred dollar repair later.

    Another pet peeve: glued-on rear-view mirrors v. bolted-on mirrors. You figure there's a reason those glue kits for rear-view mirrors are sold in the auto parts stores. I hear about these things falling off all the time. It would irritate me if mine fell off one day (one of the few things I don't like about my Protege sedan).
  • jskhojskho Member Posts: 107
    was considered by some as a safety feature because it snaps off easily so it won't hurt occupants in a crash.
  • vocusvocus Member Posts: 7,777
    They have to be glued on so they are break-away when the airbags deploy. All new cars are that way.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Member Posts: 2,329
    Check out the Camry and Accord.

    And the mirror support arm can be designed to break-away when impacted but still be a more robust attachment method than glue (just like the airbag covers are designed to tear in a certain way to give easily when needed w/o tearing the bag and feeling robust), especially in temperature extremes.
  • sdattasdatta Member Posts: 24
    My first car was a Celica hatchback and I loved that car. It was so useful. I have a truck now but will need a car to take the kids to school next year. The 6 hatch would be a perfect replacement. It is way better looking than the Altima/Maxima/Camcord. I wish the torque number was higher, but I think I'm willing to make the performance/price&looks trade-off b/w the Altima/Maxima and the 6. If I can get a decently optioned 6 hatch with the V6 and manual transmission for around $22K, that would be an easy purchase decision.
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Member Posts: 248
    July 24, 2002

    Mazda North American Operations
    P.O. Box 19734
    Irvine, CA 92623-9734
    Attn: Customer Assistance Center

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am writing today because I have become increasingly interested in Mazdas products. My interest was first sparked by the Tribute and then by the Protége 5 both of which I eventually decided to pass on.

    I have always been a loyal customer to General Motors but have become quiet tired of their lack of vision and attention to detail however, that was not enough to get me into an import. About a year and a half ago I decided it was time to upgrade from my current vehicle a Geo Tracker, to a mid-size SUV.

    Initially my first choice was the Mazda Tribute but after some soul searching I realized that I was not in love with the Tribute although I liked it very much. My next choice was the Jeep Liberty which was more than was I was looking for but its lack of good fuel mileage turned me off. Next up were the Saturn VUE and Pontiac Vibe. I had waited an entire year to test drive these vehicles but the VUE (naturally) was geared toward a group that had no interest in a vehicle with manual transmission and V6 engine. While the Pontiac Vibe offered everything that the VUE and Liberty didnt I felt that at 31 years old I should look for something a little more grown-up.

    Thats when I ran across an article in Car & Driver Magazine which featured the 6. I must admit that if there was ever an import I would buy it would have easily had been a Mazda. But this time, Mazda as secured a new customer with the 6. I am very eagerly awaiting the launch of the 6.

    I absolutely cannot wait to take a test drive as Im sure I will be ready to make the purchase.

    The little information I have read so far provided no real details on the vehicles release. Does Mazda at this time have a release date for the 6 (hatchback model)? Please say its not 2004!


    H Morgan
  • voochvooch Member Posts: 92
    I emailed Mazda USA the same question. They responded that the sedan would be out in December 2002 and the hatchback would be out a year later, December 2003. =(
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Member Posts: 248
    It might as well be 2004. Hopefully they will reconsider. Personally I think the hatchback model will be the winner.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Member Posts: 2,329
    In Zoom Zoom magazine this issue. Looks like Mazda NA's changed their minds! :)
  • hbranschhbransch Member Posts: 8
    To Mazda US

    Wow, the wait is almost over. I had a '91 626 LX 5 speed. What a balance of utility, looks, economy and capability. The quality was not what Honda, Toyota delivered. Lots of road/wind noise mostly, and a terrible AC unit (big $$$).

    The new 6 looks great. A V6 with a 5 speed! I may need to trade my Accord V6 EX for this machine.

    A 5 door has been in Europe so long. It was amazing why it did not make it over here. Good work.
  • rsparrowrsparrow Member Posts: 60
    Not really anything specific about the hatchback, but some new pictures of the car in grey, updated to reflect the North American version.

  • kenokakenoka Member Posts: 218
    For those who were wondering whether the MazdaSpeed 6 would be the sedan or hatchback, it appears it's the hatchback! Yes!$file/2002.03.20_enews127.pdf
  • groovypippingroovypippin Member Posts: 264
    If that version of the car comes to Canada, I am going to own one. Period. I wish I had some idea how to convert Nm and Kw into torgue and horsepower numbers, because I am very curious to see what they are.
  • bpibpi Member Posts: 120
    276 hp and 289 lb-ft
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