2013 Ford Focus ST Long-Term Road Test

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image2013 Ford Focus ST Long-Term Road Test

Edmunds.com editor James Riswick recounts teaching his parents how to use MyFord Touch.

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  • 7driver7driver Member Posts: 145
    Or you could just RTFM.

    Given the capabilities of today's telematics/infotainment systems, I'm surprised nobody's come up with on-board video tutorials (I expect on-board helpdesk access after that).
  • quadricyclequadricycle Member Posts: 827
    So MyFordTouch is getting better you say, so one good tutorial and sit-down will really help you get the hang of things. That's all fine if it were used as a fix for something else, but its not. It is replacing a flawless, easy to use system. Functions that are used while driving need to be incredibly simple, and offer tactile confirmation of use. The rest, stuff you do while stopped (bluetooth, setting up music), can be buried in as many menu's as you wish. Why can't we just have the best of both worlds? It shouldn't be that hard, yet so few seem to be doing it, or at least well.
  • schen72schen72 Member Posts: 433
    My 2008 Acura RDX provides plenty of regular buttons, which often duplicates functions in the infotainment system. But customers have decided that was too many buttons. Look how many times Acura got slammed for having too many buttons. Now Acura/Honda's gone the way of the touchscreen radio/infotainment.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 North Central OHMember Posts: 17,776
    It's a convenience to go from one vehicle to another that use the same user interface, although it might take some learning to get there. MyFord touch x 3.
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  • 330i_zhp330i_zhp Member Posts: 55
    I'm clearly the minority, but I like the whole touchscreen interface phenomenon. Sure, the most common functions (like volume, fan speed, etc) should probably have dedicated buttons, but systems like MyFord Touch really open the door for future innovation. Look how far they've come in the last few years. I think they are here to stay. That said, I love the Tesla Model S, but that screen seems like overkill.
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