2007-'10 BMW X5 Recalled for Brake Problem

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image2007-'10 BMW X5 Recalled for Brake Problem

BMW is recalling 30,265 2007-'10 BMW X5s equipped with an eight-cylinder engine because the brake vacuum pump may leak.

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  • mbolyshkanovmbolyshkanov Member Posts: 1
    this is a very serious issue for which my wife almost suffered a major accident where the vehicle would not stop. if it wasn't for her good judgement to respond quickly and turn into he curb she would have suffered a major crash. i am just glad my children where not there since it would have been triple the tragedy.

    the one reason i would say no "serious incidents" where not reported was because customers have no clue what caused the issue and after the crash occurs how can the customer or service person tell what caused it when it is all smashed up? it would take a deep costly investigation to identify the problem for each crash. that statement should be scratched from this article as its too big of an assumption then a fact. if your buying a bmw then you don't care about mechanical details, you are buying a quality vehicle.

    i can only tell that based on my experience with this issue is that its a 80% crash causing problem because it relies on persons quick judgement to apply extra pressure on peddle and misdirect away from danger.
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