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What Are the Elements of a Good New-Car Deal? Posts: 10,059
edited September 2014 in General

imageWhat Are the Elements of a Good New-Car Deal?

Don't just focus on the price of the car. That's just one of many pieces to getting a good deal.

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  • jessamynjessamyn Posts: 0
    Working for a dealer, I do the dance every day. What it comes down to is, we all pay the same for the cars when they come from the manufacturer. If a dealer is honest and worth your time and money, there is only a couple hundred dollars difference between their bottom lines. You need to find a sales person you like and a dealership you trust. A good deal is one where both sides of the table go home happy.
  • ze_kaize_kai Posts: 1
    1. i want to purchase a new car and i currently do not have any car insurance as its my 1st car.
    Can i purchase this insurance (no fault rate) on my own or must the dealer purchase for me as part of the sales transaction.
    My state MI requires the dealer does the registration & title but u must have insurance before registering a car.
    How do i go about this to get a very good rate for my insurance.

    2. The dealer quoted a price for "Plates" for > $100. Is this the same thing as registering the car?

  • 38148153814815 Posts: 0
    As a other small tip make sure that you ask to see the invoice price of the car before beginning the negociation
  • knight1096knight1096 Posts: 2
    ze_kai, I am a car saleswoman in WI and here is what we do here: It is required in Wisconsin to have insurance but you can wait up to 60 days to add it after completing your transaction. However, most dealerships will ask you if you have insurance and many loans require that as well. When I bought my Harley, my bank almost added insurance because my paperwork did not have them as a lien holder. Shop around for your insurance. You can even use an insurance agency to shop around for you. In Wisconsin we will register plates as well and that means that the DMV is getting the information to know that the car is yours. Here the titles are mailed out directly from the DMV to your house in a few weeks.

    Also, typically, invoice price is not something that consumers are allowed to see. As a salesperson, I am not even allowed to see invoice. So if dealerships don't allow you to see that information, don't feel that they are insulting you. That is typically confidential information (you would never go to Wal-Mart or Best Buy and ask to see their cost on an item). The reason for that is that some brands of cars typically do not have any markup that is behind the invoice of the car and are required to sell at a minimum of 3-6% above invoice.

    Remember, there are scummy salespeople out there but in reality, many of us are men and women trying our hardest to take care of our families. Find a salesperson that you like and you trust. I am personally committed to being honest to customers in every step of the process. Also a good tip, do not treat your sales person like garbage and you will get much better customer service and a better deal.
  • moemoe455moemoe455 Posts: 4
    They do not have to show you an invoice!
  • moemoe455moemoe455 Posts: 4
    Lowes, Home depot, Amazon, Wal Mart, Sears, and every other retail business will not so what makes you think that when you buy a car that you are entitled to see one??

    Business is business, go to Car Max and try to buy a car and they will tell you to move on that the price is the price!
  • mah_nitinmah_nitin Posts: 3
    Great Article
  • mahikapmahikap Posts: 1
    I wish to buy base model of Camary 2012 brand new of a color of my choice in sub $20000 price . Are there any quotes.
  • I get it with the customer rebates, but what if you ask about them when given a price and the dealer says - "those are already included in the price, and that puts me below my invoice price. sorry, cannot go any lower"??
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    @sarrington, you say thanks, get up and leave. Send out for some more quotes from other dealers when you get home (assuming the salesperson doesn't chase you down in the parking lot with a better offer!).
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