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Used 2012 Fisker Karma Prices Take a Plunge

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imageUsed 2012 Fisker Karma Prices Take a Plunge

Some 2012 Fisker Karmas, the luxury plug-in hybrid vehicles that sold new for around $100,000, are now selling used for as little as $50,000.

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  • gee14gee14 Member Posts: 1
    Mr Gareffa, given Edmunds is a pretty good online blog site, you could have taken the time to get your facts straight. Let me ask you a question? Are you sure Mr Fisker was the CEO of Fisker Automotive in March 2013 and resigned from that role?
  • csanfilippocsanfilippo Member Posts: 1
    Wow $50k? I'm getting one.
  • tazman6tazman6 Member Posts: 1
    Seen one on the e way in chicago, il; nice body style!
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