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imageHow To Get Affordable Car Insurance

Strapped for cash? Here's a step-by-step guide to finding the best car insurance for the lowest cost, without getting ripped off.

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    Insuring a car is mandatory as long as it is being driven on the road. This measure was undertaken to protect both the drivers and the users of the road. Before buying a car one should keep several things in mind for getting affordable car insurance. The above tips will be extremely helpful at the time of choosing insurance police by which one can save money on car insurance.
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    It's always good to shop around and even when I'm happy with my insurance company (unlike one of the recommendations in the article you linked), I still shop quotes to make sure I'm getting an okay deal.
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    Good tips! I like switching car insurance companies a lot (for the savings). I always feel that if I stick around and be a "loyal customer", that I'll actually get taken advantage of in the end. Insurers will raise your rates on you yearly, just like a landlord raises rent.

    Solution? Gotta shop around and get quotes! Another thing too is that car insurance companies oftentimes have "new policyholder discounts" which only kick in for new customers. I recently found $25/month good coverage from Insurance Panda and will continue to use them until I find better. Remember - If you don't switch, overtime your insurer will simply keep raising your rates, so watch out for that!
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