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imageHow To Use the Edmunds New Car Inventory Tool

You know the car you want and now it's time to find it on the dealer's lot with the New Car Inventory Tool.

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  • bharper766bharper766 Member Posts: 0
    How hipocritical is it of to create a "Premier Dealer" program to recommend to consumers car dealers they should consider when purchasing a new or used vehicle and NOT disclose to the consumer that these dealers pay to be considered one of these dealers? I have been a fan of personally for over 15 years and have always respected their integrity as a consumer advocate website. But to me this violates that very integrity from which their integrity was built. There are quality car dealers, with employees who work their tails off daily to take home a living to their families, that are approached by sales associates to pay them to be considered a "premier dealer" and the program does not disclose to the consumer that ONLY dealers who PAY monthly can become a part of this program. Come on! Full disclosure to consumers or you are no better than those you have been critical of over the years.
  • MarkHolthoffMarkHolthoff Santa Monica, CAMember Posts: 101
    To bharper766... We value your feedback and don’t in any way mean to deceive. We’ve tested the “Premier Dealer” presentation on our site with consumers, and most identify that those are dealers that are paying Edmunds to be highlighted on the site. Since “Premier Dealers” provide us with inventory content and offer a desired service to our customers (free price quotes, chat, etc.), we don’t put an advertisement label wherever dealers are listed. We have a team of folks across the country who are working with the “Premier Dealers” to share with them insights and best practices on how to best serve Edmunds shoppers. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and do whatever it takes to help customers find the car that meets their every need. We will keep your comments in mind.

    You can find more information about our business practices published in our FAQs:
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