2013 Honda Accord Coupe V6 Gets Honda Factory Performance Package

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image2013 Honda Accord Coupe V6 Gets Honda Factory Performance Package

The 2013 Honda Accord Coupe V6 gets a new Honda Factory Performance package priced at $4,620.

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  • lions208487lions208487 Member Posts: 240
    Not worth 5k for a cosmetic improvement. If the "performance" package included some mods to increase performance, than it would be worth it. Exhaust, intake, etc...
  • engineer_mbaengineer_mba Member Posts: 11
    It is difficult for me to take this performance package seriously without a helical limited slip differential to address torque steer and understeer. A helical LSD is standard on the Civic Si. It should be made available on the Accord Coupe V-6 also.
  • themandarinthemandarin Member Posts: 436
    Ducts around rear reflectors should help dissipate heat from tailgating high beams
  • snaab92snaab92 Member Posts: 8
    Total rip off! Are you kidding me? This puts the Accord at $35,760! Then you have to get the stuff installed which would bring it over $36,000. That is serious money.

    I would do my own sport suspension and when the stock tires wear out get something more performance related and call it a day!
  • max_stirlingmax_stirling Member Posts: 4
    A $4600 performance package needs a significant power increase. This package has no power increase. I understand that power increases might need be federalized or recertified or something extra from the Feds, but this is not a serious option.

    I like the Accord. It is a very good everyday driver with with a little sportiness, but this is just a half assed attempt to be something it is not and Honda wonders why passionate consumers are leaving the brand in droves.
  • enbeuuenbeuu Member Posts: 4
    This is a cosmetic package: the compression ratio is 10:1 and uses regular gasoline; I drove one today at Honda and I'll wait until the Acura is released with the hot 11.5:1 compression; it'll use premium if it is and that's the engine that is in the TL now.
  • enbeuuenbeuu Member Posts: 4
    I drove 17 miles one way this afternoon to try the Cpe V-6 and it is decidedly under powered; I'm on the list when they get their allocation and if it is a 11.5:1 compression ratio and requires premium gas...then I'll know it's a real hot car; if not keep it. and thanks for the review. and I'm just driving the TL tech with no special anything; it's the best Acura TL I've ever owned.
  • enbeuu1enbeuu1 Member Posts: 6
    With all respect; this engine is the 10:1 that will take regular gas; if they put the hotter 11.5:1 compression V-6 they use in the Acura tech...then I'll buy one; no need to drive a car that's under powered from the beginning; as I said, I drove 34 miles today to see if the Cpe V-6 had the higher compression ratio pistons and cylinders; It didn't feel like it did; then I read that the compression ratio is down and the car uses regular gasoline: conclusion is it not the higher horsed engine.
  • enbeuu1enbeuu1 Member Posts: 6
    The engine is not the high compression cylinders and detonation timing.
    It's a V-6 but not the performance V-6. Acura RL and TLs have 11.2: 1 compression cylinders and take premium fuel.
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