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    I belive that the fuse for the radio is in the uhec (the under hood fuse box)
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    try the back of the door that covers the fuse bou inside the van and on the back cover on the fuse box under the hood thats where mine is hope this helps.
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  • scott119scott119 Member Posts: 3
    that is fuse box sorry
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    Any Ideas what would make this happen? I finally got the trouble code P0650 which says indicator light illuminated. No crap!!! Really the ses light is on? Sorry, anyway it flashes then goes off during hard braking or when I shift into reverse, then goes of. It will stay on if I brake in reverse with foot on gas ( thats how I finally got the code) any ideas would be appreciated.
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    I have the same problem on a 2003 Avalanche and was wondering if you had figured it out yet? thanks
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    Yes I did.

    It ended up being the radio. Of course I dismantled the interior side panel to access the sliding door motor first to only determine it wasn't that.

    The radio had two coins in it, a nickel and a disney coin. Once I worked the coins out of the radio I put it back in and it worked like new.

    I have a special needs child who does some amazing (trying to be nice) things sometimes. This is one example.

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    Thanks, Chevy dealer thought the radio had a short and replaced it under warranty, but as soon as they turned the new radio on, the fuse blew again. Seems the radio fuse keeps blowing and the battery runs down.
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    Find a local car stereo shop near you that has a good rep. Stay away from the big boys like best buy type stores.

    The shop should have a qualified installer that could debug your problem without much time. Thats what I used to do all the time for the dealerships.
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    Here's a suggestion:

    Find a friend or shop with a Tech2 GM scanner. The computer will store a "history code" which will tell you any event that caused the SES light to go on and will also store a bunch of information that caused the SES light to go on - a "snapshot" of that moment in time if you will. You will then find out exactly what is going on without guessing. Chances are there's another code going along with it - its not uncommon to have 2 error codes get stored at the same time.

    BTW - a flashing SES light is telling you that the motor is misfiring. The history code should tell you which cylinder is misfiring and the info might even point you to the problematic part under the hood.

    A thought: Have you ever replaced the CPS (crankshaft position sensor)? There's a learn procedure when you replace the CPS that has to be performed so the motor doesn't give a false signal that its misfiring.

    Good Luck :shades:
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