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ABS on Tacomas

me64me64 Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Toyota
Is there a reason why anti-lock brakes are all but non-existant on Tacomas? I'm looking at 2 WD, both standard and Xtra cab and can't find a one. What are your opinions? Thanks, Mike.


  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Member Posts: 897
    but just damn hard to find. My dealer told me 3 month ago, when I was buying a 2002, that it'd take several month to get one.
  • lonesomeduvlonesomeduv Member Posts: 50
    Yeah, I noticed that about the Tacoma's too. Very few have anti-lock brakes. It's standard on Ranger and I think Mazda.

    Anybody know when/if Toyota plans to finally add the fourth door option to the Tacoma extended cabs, like Ranger/Mazda's been doing for years? Heck, even Chevy gives you a third door.

    Somebody remind me again why are these things are so pricey.
  • alkoalko Member Posts: 13
    The same problem here (South California) - no 4x2s with ABS. I was told that Toyota does not install ABS on 4x2s at all for Tacomas
    to be sold in South CA. I can't beleive this
    and continue searching. No luck so far.

    If it's true then it sucks! 5000 lb truck with
    no ABS... Maybe it's time to start looking toward
    Nissan Frontier...
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Member Posts: 897
    5000 lb? Not really, try 3500. It's NOT Frontier, which is about 600 lbs heavier. My Taco stops nice in any weather (rain and dry in Texas, snow and ice in Colorado).
  • alkoalko Member Posts: 13
    Do you have 4x2? How good does it run on icy roads? Do you have TRD package with rear locking dif.? Just curious.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Member Posts: 897
    I have a 4x4 V6 with manual. I was in Vail, CO, this Xmas, it handled very well during snowstorm there (doing about 40-50mph down the freeway in snowstorm, stable ride). It didnt go too well in 4x2, but thats expected. I didnt even need a locker (I have TRD, so with locker), 4Hi did the job.
  • lonesomeduvlonesomeduv Member Posts: 50
    Can anybody tell me why Toyota gets a premium for these trucks? Is it like the space cadet with the 38D's (looks good but you once you get one you wonder if the high price is worth)?
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Member Posts: 897
    by premium?
  • lonesomeduvlonesomeduv Member Posts: 50
    They cost more and offer less than all the other small trucks out there.

    I'll grant you they look the best.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Member Posts: 897
    They don't offer less. They offer the same, just for more money. If you look at Taco vs. Ranger, you can get everything in Taco that you can in Ranger, it'll just cost about 2-4K more, depending on model (And more. Ford doesnt exactly offer a charger on a Ranger. While Ranger fans here wont acknowledge the fact, you can have a 265hp Taco with factory warranty if you pay $3000 more for a charger installed at the dealer).
    Why? I don't know. Quality, maybe. Ranger boys will hate that arguement, but number of Ford recalls speaks for itself.
    Also, Tacoma isnt exactly a Ranger. Go out to a dealership and count both of them. At a reasonable Toyota dealership you'll find at most 15 Tacomas, 4x2 and 4x4. Out of 3 dealerships in Austin, I've seen maybe 10-15 in one, less than 5 in another and 5-10 in another. So Toyota is basically keeping the demand up while keeping the supply low. Best way to ensure that people will pay more for it. Thats why there's never been any 0% discounts offered, its not like dealers will be thinking "Hell, man, look at all these Tacomas. How the hell am I gonna sell them all".
  • lonesomeduvlonesomeduv Member Posts: 50
    You can't get a 4-door extended cab Toyota Tacoma. If you could, I'd have bought one last week and paid for the privilege. You can hardly get ABS brakes either (standard on Ranger) although that's not important enough to be a deal killer for me. The lack of a 4-door extended cab is.

    You also have to pay extra - a LOT extra - for a security system (standard on Ranger XLT, I believe).

    You're right about the availability in Austin. Nobody has very many. Don't know about Houston or San Antonio.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Member Posts: 897
    I look at it this way....Ranger owners are paying for it no matter what. Standard or not, they pay for all that stuff themselves. I'd be much happier with aftermarket alarm system. Generic alarms all sound the same.
    I take that approach to all things. There's a huge market outside the dealership, where you can get everything cheaper than at the dealers.
    4-door I don't particularly care for. I have no need for it, whatever I need fits great in the cab, if not, thats what the bed is for. It'd probably be nice, we'll see what 2003 model brings. If not....:) set a weekend aside, take a blowtorch and get at it.
    ABS would be nice, but I've started driving (with my grandfathers help) when I was 7, and all the cars I drove had no ABS. In 16 years I only wished once I had an ABS, and even then it would not have helped. I'm used to driving without it.
  • tbundertbunder Member Posts: 580
    yes, you are right. ranger owners will pay for that standard stuff ford throws in. but here's the clincher. you can get all that stuff and more for less than you can buy a tacoma SR5 for. abs, step bars, cd changer, rear slider, fog lights, alarm, keyless entry, quad cab, aluminum 16" wheels, goodyear tires (unless its an FX4, then they're BFG at's), etc. all for cheaper than standard tacoma with none of that. so i really don't see your logic in debating this. yes, the tacoma is a solid tight truck that looks like a million bucks even with the cheap steel wheels, but so does the new rangers.

    and regarding the recalls. the ranger had only one in '01. so to classify it as a "ford" generalization as having numerous recalls is just plain false.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Member Posts: 897
    Yes, you can get all that stuff standard in a Ranger (with the exception of some things like quad cab), maybe for less than a standard Tacoma. But you know my view on it. I don't need half the crap Ford throws in with every purchase, and I don't want it. I don't feel like taking it off after purchase (after taking out a CD changer the dash looks like crap. I'm quite happy with my CD/cassette dual). I'd rather to get as close to what I want as possible, and if I want something else later, I'll get it. Like the sliders instead of nerf bars.
    Regarding recalls......once again. I look at the whole picture, not just one model. The message in another forum, where the guy counted the recalls for Ford fleet vs. Toyota fleet in 2001, is a prime example. Yes, Ford makes more models of vehicles than Toyota. And yes, some of those recalls are duplicates like the tire recall on Explorer and Ranger. That still, however, does not paint a pretty picture if you compare to Toyota. And there's the severity of recalls. Camry has a recall about "during the air bag deployment, it is possible that piece of steering wheel cover will get caught and may strike the passenger" vs. "Ford Escape has been recalled due to 4x4 hubs installed on 4x2 models. This mistake may result in loss of control" or "Ford Escape has been recalled due to damaged gaskets. This may result in fuel leak".
  • allknowingallknowing Member Posts: 866
    Your statement "and regarding the recalls. the ranger had only one in '01. so to classify it as a "ford" generalization as having numerous recalls is just plain false" is quite a dream, however, untrue.

    My year Ranger(98)has had at least two recalls, maybe three. The Explorer I drive has had, I believe, five recalls so far. My two year old Tacoma has not had any recalls so far. The Ranger is a good truck, but let's be honest and admit that you're likely to have several recalls with the Ford yet very likely to have zero recalls on the Toyota. That's just a fact that you have to live with, whether you prefer the Ford or not.
  • tsmith16tsmith16 Member Posts: 16
    A recall is usually for safety, check-out the TSB's. Thats where all the annoying problems show up.
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