2014 Acura MDX Prototype Debuts

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image2014 Acura MDX Prototype Debuts

The 2014 Acura MDX Prototype offers consumers a near-production look at the redesign of the luxury Japanese SUV due to arrive in showrooms this summer.

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  • shaymasdaddy06shaymasdaddy06 Member Posts: 17
    Looks good. Kind of favors the Audi Q7 which is a good thing. Great job, Acura!!!
  • screwball71screwball71 Member Posts: 26
    Thank you Jesus, Honda didn't mess up the MDX! Now let's fix the TL and we'll be back to the late 90's/early 00's when Acura was at the top on their game!
  • markodpolomarkodpolo Member Posts: 2
    Still a little too chiseled for my taste. It's certainly more masucline than a Lexus RX, but is still a riced-up kid-hauler. I'm loath to conceed that the Grand Cherokee looks better than this.
  • mmohsin1mmohsin1 Member Posts: 1
    Thanks Anita Lienert Good job done by you i am the lover MDX Prototype you can see the collections of pics on my blog http://fab22.com/
  • tomsjaytomsjay Member Posts: 14
    They couldnt come up with a new shape rather than coming up with a watered down current shape. this is a safe name sake refresh. no originality. almost same as current one. Jon Ikeda became a star creating ILX RDX all anonymous alien looking vehicles without character. He didnt do much to this. back look ok, front has the hyndai sant fe touch. sloopy shapes and no character to the cut lines.

    Acura is using front gril shape taken from decade old hond accord or civic, sticking a an elaphant trunk sized garnish( beak). no taste here as well. too big sword shape ans some lower facia cladding gimmick.
    having a handfull of vechiles in fleet automobile companies name so called 'design studios' outfit some where in california and make their head as celebritis. all the rest of the team working behind the vehicle in the back stage. they should never make a so called 'head designer' as if they are designing feature films.
  • tomsjaytomsjay Member Posts: 14
    They are moving the production of the vehicle from Canada to US plants. Acura / Honda cars made in Canada apparetnly have better build and material quality. The current MDX has way better material and build quality than ILX/RDX which looks like Tin Cans. The same goes with new Civic which is made in Canda versus Luckluster Accord.
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