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Controversial E15 Fuel Blend Is on the Way

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imageControversial E15 Fuel Blend Is on the Way

Opponents of E15 fuel fear that an EPA-approved ethanol blend can cause engine damage, result in higher fuel costs and lower fuel efficiency.

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    hondo78hondo78 Member Posts: 1
    Great Progress, we are back to the technology of 1977 when all California fuel markets offered fuel at 15% Ethanol. For example "Beacon Stations" only offered regular with 15% Ethanol. Both Rolex series and Nascar have requirements to run E85 and have race cars putting out less emissions at full throttle than a 2012 Camary. Clean fuel is good, and provides options to highway travelers they will need to move about.
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    vtec1vtec1 Member Posts: 1
    this is a huge load of crap. Ford's first cars ran on ethanol. the oil industry has been fighting ethanol for 100 years and have scared automakers into worrying about liability. Ford's flex-fuel vehicles use EXACTLY the same parts as their regular cars. Only the computer program is different. Does it make sense that cars can run on 10% ethanol, but will be ruined by 15% Use your head.
    My Honda VTEC engine can run on 50/50 blend with no change in computer program. All fuel injected cars can run on pure ethanol if they purchase a $300 black box to change their computer controlling ignition.
    Please Google David Blume and learn the real truth.
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    danwat1234danwat1234 Member Posts: 27
    So perhaps eventually just E15 gas will be available? What about 2000 and older vehicles? Right now you can go to pure-gas.org to find pump stations that have 0% Ethanol pumps where you live. The gas tends to be more expensive though.
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    twobooktwobook Member Posts: 1
    Putting aside BS and rhetoric, this is something that needs an unbiased study, if such a thing is even available.
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    aryugaetuaryugaetu Member Posts: 1
    I've known farmers that were running all of their small engines such as chainsaws and lawn mowers on 100% alcohol, claiming their equipment's fuel systems were always very clean, probably with minor modifications. So, now I'm confused. But after looking at other websites, it is clear that the petroleum industry is heavily pushing FUD (Fear - Uncertainty - Doubt).

    Things that don't make sense:
    • There can't be that much difference between 10% and 15% to justify the amount of fear being generated. We're not talking water or grape juice as the additive.
    • Are the car manufacturers going to completely retool a wide variety of engines for infinite varieties of petrol/alcohol blends in different countries and/or individual states?
    • With the current computer controlled fuel systems already monitoring and adjusting all changes in the fuel, don't you think there would be a warning light if it detects an issue and can't adjust for it?
    • The large amount of intentional confusion concerning the source of the ethanol, such as corn, sugar cane, bio mass, etc. is all bs; ethanol is ethanol, similar to cane sugar is identical to beet sugar; It's exactly the same chemical.
    • As always, follow the money. Who has the most to lose and wields the most political power? Who was claiming (and still does) that fossil fuel is having no climatic effect on the atmosphere? Do you really want to get you source of info from someone so biased?
    • Why all of the testing? Entire nations, millions of people, have been using E85 for years. Ask any Brazilian. In the US, petroleum companies are just one more major industry with their hands firmly on politician's plums.
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    texasestexases Member Posts: 10,735
    Why increase ethanol at all? Only benefit is as an octane booster, so fine, use it for that. Corn-based ethanol is a huge waste of a food crop, close to half our corn is used to burn in cars. No need to increase that use, and the pollution it causes.
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    winter8winter8 Member Posts: 1
    For those that don't understand why 10% ethanol is OK and 15% is a problem, it may be helpful for you to have a better understanding ethanol.

    Back in the day, when corn processing plants started to include ethanol, they began to notice that it was dissolving their tanks, piping, hoses, and what not. They were forced to tear everything out and replace it with super expensive stainless steel and aluminum.

    So, how much engine component damage do you want to sign up for?
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