2014 Chevrolet Impala First Drive

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image2014 Chevrolet Impala First Drive

The 2014 Chevrolet Impala just made the move to the 21st century. Chevy's large sedan is still roomy, but now it drives like a modern car.

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  • throwbackthrowback Member Posts: 445
    This seems like a perfectly competent car. However, for what it costs I would buy a Charger or 300 before I would buy this.
  • 4runnerfun4runnerfun Member Posts: 0
    Looks like an Accord to me!
  • qristoferqristofer Member Posts: 22
    This car looks amazing already especially in the black/silver'ish color
  • bankerdannybankerdanny Member Posts: 1,021
    As a 48 (almost) year-old man with progressive lense glasses, I like the large, simple, easy to read numbers on the guages just fine. As just a regular car guy though I can't say the same about the eyebrow separating them from the gas and temp gauges. And the dash looks like someone velcroed aftermarket 'leather' covers on it. The overall silhouette is good, but I don't care much for the 'haunch' over the rear wheels.
  • cobreezycobreezy Member Posts: 1
    You only mentioned the Taurus once about having a larger trunk. Wouldn't the Taurus be the Impala's direct competitor in all areas?
  • buzerd03buzerd03 Member Posts: 5
    "Gearing hasn't changed, and although the final-drive ratio is numerically shorter, there's no actual difference because the tires are larger."
    Huh? gearing hasn't changed but the final-drive ratio is shorter... so then the gearing has changed.
  • darthbimmerdarthbimmer Member Posts: 606
    I agree with bankerdanny that the dash design is awful. Those leather covers on top are hideous, especially in two tone. They really do look like badly fit after-market pieces. Why not have a smooth, clean design? Even a bland expanse of matte plastic would be an improvement. That "eyebrow" on the gauge cluster is unnecessary and distracting. It would look great if they had just put all those nice, clear gauges inside a single bin with one gently curved trim piece over the top of them. And what's with the curving trim piece under the entertainment system? Gah. It's like a fat person wearing a gaudy belt to accentuate their muffin-top. Then there's the exterior styling.... The "haunches" over the rear wheels aren't quite as bad as the busy-ness on the hood. Whatever happened to clean, flowing designs?
  • benson2175benson2175 Member Posts: 68
    Looks nice. Next time I rent a car I'm sure I'll enjoy it.
  • smudge12smudge12 Member Posts: 19
    Nice car. The profile actually looks a lot like a blander version of the last Saab 9-5, which I guess GM built as well. Do they share the same platform?
  • stovt001_stovt001_ Member Posts: 799
    Looks nice up front, but more similar to the Buick as you go back. Not a bad thing though. I don't think the interior looks busy, especially when it comes to button count. The gauges look easy to read too, though I'd prefer them to all be in one undivided panel like the Corvette.
  • hondafan1978hondafan1978 Member Posts: 2
    Wow..I can't wait to see one in person, this makes up for the not so nice redesign of the Malibu....I like this Impala, I've always been a fan of the 1960-1970 Impala's, this is a little more in step with that philosophy of personal luxury....not boring rental like the past gen was. Yay Chevy, didn't know you guys had the balls to change, I grew up a Chevy fan, this car makes me proud of GM and Chevy
  • noburgers_noburgers_ Member Posts: 79
    It really looks similar to the Taurus. I really want to like this car--I'm pretty sure I would give it a look, and it would be a top choice once I'm out of the minivan demographic
  • 500rwhp500rwhp Member Posts: 99
    I wonder if this car is too good for the Impala name, which has been damaged by the mediocre (at best) Impala product for so long.
  • mawd_mawd_ Member Posts: 1
    It's a funny thing. This car actually looks better in production form than when I saw it in prototype form. But, it's still too "high," almost like a CUV rather than a sedan, and it still reminds me WAY too much of the hideous Honda Accord Crosstour. They look like fraternal twins to me.

    But, as someone said earlier, I'm sure it will make a perfectly acceptable rental car.
  • bizzle1bizzle1 Member Posts: 0
    Now THAT is what I call a Chevrolet Impala. WOW! Definitely a contemporary classic...
  • john3347john3347 Member Posts: 1
    The center dash screen looks like the idiotic Windows 8. That is enough to hate a 2014 Impala. Maybe I'll buy a Chrysler. No 2-door sport model is a serious negative as well.
  • dgn2dgn2 Member Posts: 1
    I like the change.I leased a 2007 Impala LT for three years.The only problem were the front brake rotors which I found out was a common problem.I presently own a 2011 Impala LT with luxury package.The problem with moving up to a 2014 is that my turn in offers have been real low.A 2011 Impala listed for $30000.00 and bought for $25000.00 is now worth $13000 -$16000 at best.Do the math.I leased my 2007 for $199 a month plus $1000 down plus tax for 3 years.Cost about $240 a month,good deal.What Gm is telling now it has cost me about $375 a month to own my 2011 for two years.This has me looking at all new cars.I have owned 50 vehicles since 1967 and this Impala is a good car but the cost is out of control.I am seeing why people are buying Toyota,Honda, etc.
  • jttheawesomejttheawesome Member Posts: 0
    I've read that Chevy will NOT be offering this new Impala to fleets at all; rather, the old-style Impala, re-badged as "Impala Limited," will continue to be built exclusively for fleets for another few years. This should help the new Impalas retain their resale value much better than the old ones. But, if you still like the older style Impala, you'll be able to buy used ones as the fleets sell them off.
  • jerryreliablejerryreliable Member Posts: 1
    Good work, Edmunds. Spot on. Had I read the comments below, i wouldn't have bought the LT Impala today. Because i would not have driven it. But, that didn't happen, and there is a reason folks who buy this car love it. Great review.
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