Porsche Panamera GTS vs. Tesla Model S Track Test

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imagePorsche Panamera GTS vs. Tesla Model S Track Test

A track-test comparison of the 2013 Porsche Panamera GTS and the 2012 Tesla Model S sedans.

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  • txcattledogtxcattledog Member Posts: 1
    Isn't the most outrageous part of the story this: we have a car from a car company that has produced cars for 8 months staring down to a draw a car from a company that has produced cars for 80 years. Upstart vs. the acknowledged world leader in performance automobiles. A company that's made 5,000 cars and one that's made 5,000,000!

    That Edmunds is even writing an article about this is astounding.

    Understand this: This is the WORST car Tesla will ever make and it matches a Porsche Panamera (and costs $20,000 less)!


  • transpowertranspower Member Posts: 213
    The skid pad score for the Tesla does NOT come close to that of the Porsche--so the Panamera wins. As for fuel economy, let's see how the 2014 Panamera S -E Hybrid compares with the Tesla S.
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