2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 Long-Term Road Test

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    For all the hoopla about the new little Mercedes, it has gotten slammed on a whole bunch of fronts. Cheap interior materials, harsh engine, stiff ride, tight back seat, annoying stop-start, disappointing gas mileage. Tell me again why I'd want one of these things to drive every day? Be honest. Wouldn't you be much happier in a Mazda 3, for instance, for much less money?
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    @Debunker, While I personally don't like the CLA (I personally believe someone would be much better off getting a 2-year old C250 for similar money), you have to understand that most of the complaints hinge on expectation. The quality of materials is belo
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    Good analysis, mercedesfan. You're right about it being better to compare to the 320i and A3. In fact, by the time you option up a CLA, you could just about have an A4. Or that Mazda 3 and a nice long vacation to a place of your choosing.
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    Mike, how do you feel about driving a hybrid on your commute? Stop start is on every hybrid vehicle, no?
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    Hybrids have a different implementation. They can casually stop off using stored electricity, then bring the gas engine on-line. FWIW, my buddy's E550 has start/stop and in that car it was much less obtrusive than I expected. I might feel differently if it was cycling every minute though.
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    Start/Stop Function is a bit annoying during stopping at stop signs but it's great at red lights. I never had experienced this function in anything else but CLA, and I don't mind it. I actually turn it off where I know I'd be stopping a bit too often.

    And yes, I could have bought A3 but I'm bored with the way Audi looks. I could have bought Mazda3 but I have owned one before. Same goes with BMW 3-Series. So for me, it's time for Mercedes and I can now cross it off my bucket list at 30 years old.
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