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Rise of the Falcon F7 Posts: 10,112
edited September 2014 in General

imageRise of the Falcon F7

We get behind the wheel of the Falcon F7, an American-made supercar built to take on the world's best.

Read the full story here



  • noburgersnoburgers Posts: 500
    The engine bay is beautiful, interior attractive except for those industrial door pulls. Exterior just looks too much like a kit car. I probably cannot mention company names, but there is a "factory" supercar kit available that would get you you the looks and performance for a fraction of this boutique car (but definitely not the overall quality). It has to be a tough financial decision to buy a very limited production car at this price.
  • pommahpommah Posts: 71
    With the maturing of computer aided design and the ability to make composite parts with very little investment $ (the tool can be carved out of foam instead of milled out of steel) it seems to me the ability to have a "cottage industry" automobile manufacturer is easier than ever. The "factory" company mentioned by noburgers is a proof point.

    To me though the "super car" market is just saturated. Most people with $250K to spend on a car want to do so to be seen in a Ferarri or Lambo or Aston. Why not say, $100K for a finely crafted, near-bespoke, elegant but understated, Q-ship that you can drive spiritedly without attracting attention? A car for people who know better. I drive an old Saab because the cops let me drive on by while pulling over the BMWs and Camaros et al. The last thing I want is attention.
  • duck87duck87 Posts: 649
    Thanks for the article, a nice thing to see on a Thursday morning. The exterior actually looks really good for fit and finish (from the photos), it isn't until you look at the interior/wiring/small details where the "kit car" bit becomes clear. I'm not going to criticize, this car is amazing work especially in North America (where building and selling a car isn't easy). Holly isn't too far from me, I'd be interested in learning more about the company
  • shatnershatner Posts: 176
    Good job overall, the builder should be proud to drive one. But I can't see many people buying one considering what you can get for that much money.
  • Love the looks.
  • The dials, gauges and switches look like they are for a car used solely on the track: function over appearance. The rest of the interior is a mix of racing car and TVR. Perhaps I'm color blind, but is the car brown or is that some kind of dark orange?

    There needs to be a reason someone would pick the F7 over a McLaren MP4-12C or a 911 Turbo S.

    Noble has had to contend with the same issues. Perhaps a call to them would help. Hopefully they wouldn't mind sharing their pitfalls and successes.
  • So it sounds like a heavily tweaked Superlite SLC, with different engine and shell/interior? The SLC are not bought by the rich to show off as it doesn't have any cachet. This is even worse. Why would people with 250k to spend on a toy buy this over the MP4-12C or the 458, or even the far cheaper 911 turbo S?
  • Thanks to the author for publishing this article on the F7. Although the basics here are correct, much of the information is outdated. There are two versions of the car (F5 and F7) and starting price is $139,000. The comparision details can be found on the website . The factory is currently building cars 5 and 6 with more orders pending. Although the SLC inspired chassis made for an excellent race car, a new much more refined chassis for real world driving has been developed utilizing a carbon fiber/kevlar monocoque compsite tub and revised Penske suspension. The new chassis also has incorperated a very stiff structural tunnel that houses much of the fuel cell allowing the seats to move rearward for a roomy cockpit. Also new for 2014 is a completely new dash design that is more sleek and aggressive that is fitting for a GT car rather than an all business racer. The car pictured here in the article was a great start, but since this time there have been major improvements and refinements to the vehicle that take things far beyond production car #1.

  • More information can be found on the F7 facebook page including sneak peeks of the new designs.
  • As a labor of love any criticism is besides the point - kudos for what you've done.

    Enough sincerity and on to the snark:

    Though I like the flag embellishment , that antenna is really big.
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