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2013 Volkswagen Scirocco R: Track Tested Posts: 10,059
edited September 2014 in Volkswagen

image2013 Volkswagen Scirocco R: Track Tested

Although it is not coming to the U.S. anytime soon, we were offered the chance to track test the European-market 2013 Volkswagen Scirocco R.

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  • Wow. My first thought was just a fancy GTI but I'm clearly wrong. Too bad we work never see one.
  • it's a light weight car compared to the Golf R and GTI. Such a tease.
  • The track test indicates that this is a pretty impressive performance car. I have always loved the Scirocco and the Corrado, so I am somewhat heartbroken that this car will not be offered in the U.S. There is always hope that the next generation model will be offered here. I noticed that there was no mention of torque steer in the track test review. If there is no torque steer, this would be quite impressive for such a powerful front wheel drive car. The Prelude and Corrado were always two of my favorite sports coupes back in the day. If VW ever decides to sell this car in the U.S. (at an affordable price), I would definitely put it at the top of my potential shopping list.
  • Wondering if this is the same Scirocco R with manufacturers plates that I spotted in the Mission neighborhood of SF last month.
  • I want this car bad!!!! Dang it VW, give it to me!

    I was so hoping we'd get this car or the Bluesport roadster. VW needs a true sports car in its lineup, not just the sport hatch GTI and so-so GLI.
  • VW, the MK7 GTI sounds amazing and no doubt the engine is an improvement, but this is the engine it needs! I don't want to have to shell out the bucks for the R and have AWD. I want the mpg of FWD and I want this engine.

    No doubt you are losing sales by not offering it. It is a shame you don't care VW. Really, how much more would it cost to offer this engine? $1,000 should more than cover it!
  • I just can't ever see it coming to the U.S. Sales volumes would be too low and homologation costs too high.
  • OMG. Tease much?!? Out of all of the cars that I've owned, my '80 Scirocco was one of my favorites. It didn't accelerate, handle, or brake awesomely. But it did everything in such balance that you could throw it around like there was no tomorrow. This is the one car that if VW brought to the U. S. I would take serious interest in buying. Seeing the road test got my hopes up, albeit momentarily. You want my money, VW? This is what it will take. The choice is yours . . .
  • Unfortunately, VW no longer brings their best cars to the United States, instead slapping the badge on cheap fodder, with few exceptions.
  • The new GTIs engine is almost equal to this one... Trust me it really pulls. I couldn't believe how hard the new GTI pulls from a roll. Feels as fast if not faster than a 300hp NA car, for example a Nissan 350z. And yes, I live in Europe and work for Audi/VW hence why I've driven it :) Car and Driver tested the Euro spec GTI and trapped 100mph on the quarter as well! Highly recommended!
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