Silverado Extended Cab Price

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They have 1999 prices that are exact MSRP....they have 2000 as well....but they seem to be the same as 99's??

Give it a try


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    Try going to this site. looks like good pricing just don't go all the way to the end or you'll get a call from them.

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    Opps, sorry here's the site.
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    looking for price on 2000
    lt loaded out, can you help
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    glallen: Just ordered a 2000 Silverado LS in Raleigh. Found the best deal thru Sam's club(like Costco etc, members shopping store). Total was invoice(includes $640 dest and 260 adv) + $150. Was best deal I found by far.
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    were did you get the 98 dollar guy.some people are paying as much as 1000-1500 above invoice and the dealers are getting FAT,REAL FAT.
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    1000-1500 over invoice is a terrible price, why are people paying it? While they continue to do it, the dealers will continue to demand it!
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    Although I am still waiting to order a four door (maybe they'll get their act together by Easter). At any rate, I have two different dealers in a rural part of the country looking for my business. One quoted $650 over invoice (his invoice matched KBB invoice). The other stated he would sell for $100 over, but his invoice was 400 more than KBB. Still, both are far below the 1000 others are mentioning. I called seven dealers within 150 mile radius asked for a sales person that would be interested in giving me a written price quote. I then faxed them one dealers option sheet stating I would not consider anything more than 2.5% over invoice. But I also quoted invoice prices from KBB, and one other (all within $50) of each other. You need to go in with the info
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    I just bought a new 2000 Pewter Silverado LT Ext
    Cab Shortbed 4x4. I got the following additional

    Z71 Off-road package
    265/75 WOL tires
    Heavy-duty trailering package
    Locking rear differential (3.73 axle)

    I purchased this from Hendrix Chevrolet in Cary,
    NC. It did take some haggling to get down to $350
    over invoice. I have an additional $900 in rebates
    to bring the final cost to $550 below invoice. This is the same invoice shown on the Edmunds and Kelly Blue-Book sites - it doesn't include any dealer advertising.

    I've got about 250 miles on it - no vibration,
    shaking, or noise problems. It drives very nicely
    on the road and easily handled going up into the
    woods on the back half of my land without any
    problems (using 4wd Lo).
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    Just placed an order for a Z71 w/4th door option
    for $200.00 over invoice here in Houston, Tx. -
    Must say I had to do some shopping to achieve this
    price - Talked to about 10 dealers, 8 of them were
    looking for $1500 over, the other two wanted the sale. My goal starting off was to get between 2-4
    hundred over, the big key is going straight to the
    fleet mgr. or sales mgr., this will eliminate the
    majority of the hassle - either they want the deal
    or not - you will be able to tell. Be persistent and you will get your price! I can't speak for all markets, but this is how it works here in Hou.

    Good Luck!!!

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    Could you share with us who the dealer in Houston is? I am in the Houston market and have been quoted anywhere from $850 to $2000 above invoice.

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    Yes, the two dealers that were willing to work
    with me were Courtesy on I-10 (George Buchanan)
    and Mike Hall Chevy on Hwy 6 (Bob Blackmon).
    I chose Mike Hall because it was closer to my
    home area of Katy. Just be straight forward and
    tell them that you want $200.00 over. I still
    am waiting allocation for the 4 door, hopefully
    it will happen soon! Please keep me posted on your
    quest for a good deal. Either of these guys I
    think will treat you right! By the way do not
    waste your time going to Lawrence Marshall, What
    a terrible experience, $1500 over would be best
    from them, I really expected to do better considering there the highest volume dealer in the U.S. (Waste of time)

    Let me know, Greg
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    Thanks for the feedback. Lawrence Marshall gave me the same story. I'll let everybody know what I was able to get.

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