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2017 Ford Focus Aims To Be Design Leader Posts: 10,006
edited September 2015 in Ford
image2017 Ford Focus Aims To Be Design Leader

The 2017 Ford Focus, which is currently under development, will continue to put a major emphasis on design, the automaker told Edmunds.

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  • themandarinthemandarin Posts: 436
    Looks like a Aston Martin hatchback
  • Now that J Mays has left Ford, perhaps we will see those gargantuan, humongous, overly-wide, absolutely-no-room-for-your-right-leg center stacks thrown into the Detroit River. Good heavens, why did the powers-that-be at Ford allow those, anyway? Pure style over function, they are. Ah, I'm just dreamin'. Really, though, the lack of room in a Ford is why I won't ever consider buying one.
  • chuck1953chuck1953 Posts: 1
    HOPEFULLY they will get rid of the current 2015 automatic is terrible!! Jerks, shudders, hesitates, then takes off without warning. Cannot be trusted and in my opinion is totally unsafe. Needs a recall, redesign, replacement, and apology from FORD. Currently they just tell you it is operating according to Ford specs. A 10 minute test drive on the freeway is not enough to tell you what this car does. Beware!!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    My 2012 has been fine after reprogram... 45,000 miles and going strong..
  • Continuing with the fastback design is a big mistake. It decreases cargo space and makes the car look dumb. Why not model the focus after the VW Golf? The best selling hatchback in the world. Of course Ford will just ignore all there competitors. I bet the 2017 Ford focus will be just as claustrophobic inside as the current generation.
  • mongo81mongo81 Posts: 1
    The DCT, needs go! The 1.0 ltr Focus uses a Std 6 dpeed auto not the DCT!
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