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imageThe 21 Greatest Trucks of All Time

America loves trucks and trucks help America be great. Here are our picks for the 21 greatest trucks of all time.

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  • quadricyclequadricycle Member Posts: 827
    Concerning your third paragraph, nobody in Europe is mystified as to why Americans love trucks. Plenty of Europeans are fans of big vehicles too, but triple gas prices, add "engine-size" taxes and make the streets smaller (also see finding parking spaces in the city) and the appeal diminishes quickly. As for other parts of the world, you'll often see smaller, honest pickups with hardworking little diesel powerplants and usually equipped with flat beds. Those are cool little trucks, don't dismiss them. As for the list itself, it was pretty good! I love the styling of the Powerwagon and F-100. Those are simply good looking trucks. I like the Tacoma's ancestor too, back when Toyota reliability was actually very tangible. And finally that El Camino brings back memories of a particular third-gen with the 350 and 3 speed. I wish they were still made. On that note, GM's Holden should bring over the Ute.
  • bodasativabodasativa Member Posts: 1
    I have always loved the old Studebaker trucks. I used to own a 1949 Studebaker truck that was a real workhorse, and had the best AM radio of any that I had ever owned before the 80's.
  • bankerdannybankerdanny Member Posts: 1,021
    This might be the best of the 'best of' lists that Edmunds has given us.
  • joe_scubajoe_scuba Member Posts: 2
    You missed the Studebaker, the first fleetside pick up.
  • zwolfenlangzwolfenlang Member Posts: 1
    The Sixty Nine through Seventy Nine era for the average man in the USA would have to include the GMC/Chevy pick ups. As far as reliability, durability and surviveability this decade of trucks is hard to beat. Ford makes good trucks and some people cling to Dodges or even go Japanese. Over the course of a lifetime the GMC/Chev's prove their worth over and over.
  • TurboTom72TurboTom72 Member Posts: 1
    Syclones were built primarily in 1991, not 92. 3 were actually produced in 92 TMK making total number produced 2998.
  • atharvaatharva Member Posts: 1
    This list of muscle and pickup trucks are best ever trucks produced in histoy.
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