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2014 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD Long-Term Road Test

Edmunds.comEdmunds.com Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,315
edited September 2014 in Mazda

image2014 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD Long-Term Road Test

Edmunds long-term update of the 2014 Mazda CX-5 includes discussion of the CX-5's weekend trip into the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Read the full story here



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    quadricyclequadricycle Member Posts: 827
    That's a great shot. How were the trails up there? I'm more of a road bike guy, but I'm currently compiling information for a bucket list of sorts: mountains to climb before I die.
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    cwalton1cwalton1 Member Posts: 3
    Dan, yeah the handling IS great. In fact, when I drove our first example down from Monterey (yes, after lapping "#MAZDA RACEWAY" at Laguna Seca), I outran a Ducati Sport 1000 -- then caught the attention of law enforcement. Wah-wah-waaaaaah.

    Chris Walton
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    emajoremajor Member Posts: 332
    "I outran an Infiniti M on California's Highway 49. Try that in a CR-V."

    Go talk to Riswick.
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    darthbimmerdarthbimmer Member Posts: 606
    Josh, did you try the CX-5 on any of the 4x4 trails along the ridge or on the west side of Sierra Buttes? Specifically the ones that aren't passable by ordinary cars. @Quadricycle-- The view from the top of the buttes is stunning, especially toward the east, looking over the Gold Lakes Basin. There are established foot trails all the way up to the top, so a technical climb is not necessary. I am considering a return visit there this weekend.
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    quadricyclequadricycle Member Posts: 827
    @darthbimmer: Thanks for the reply. Did/do you do any biking around the region? It looks like a great place for a mix of road and mountain biking because of the views and terrain type. Personally, I prefer a road/decent trail to bike from base to top with
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    fordson1fordson1 Unconfirmed Posts: 1,512
    So in a relatively underpowered small SUV with at least one passenger, luggage, a hitch-receiver bike rack with a couple of bikes on it, you outran a powerful luxury/sport sedan...whose driver was really trying.
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    legacygtlegacygt Member Posts: 599
    How great is this car? Seems like nothing but raves from the reviewers. Interesting to see the positive comment about the transmission. (I recall the Mazda3's transmission received some raves and some complaints when you had it.)
    We know how the comparison test went with the CR-V and the RAV4. Clearly the CX-5 is loved but I understand that the CR-V has some advantages that mean a lot in this segment. But, when it comes to actually driving, it sounds like the CX-5 is bets in class. I wonder how it would do outside of it's class. How does it stack up next to an RDX, Q5 or X3? I think it clearly would outshine a Tiguan.
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