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Engine Stop-Start Systems Save Fuel at Low Cost

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Engine Stop-Start Systems Save Fuel at Low Cost

The rumble of idling cars and trucks is a familiar noise at America's intersections. But it's a sound that's likely to begin fading away in coming years: More and more automakers are using engine stop-start systems to boost fuel efficiency at relatively low cost.

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    rherhe Member Posts: 2
    My experience with 5 year batteries in Texas is they always fail at 3 years. I don't think these systems will be very popular here.
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    fallsofclydefallsofclyde Member Posts: 1
    My 2013 Ram doesn't want to restart. I had guys behind me blasting their horn at me. Thought they were going to get out of their car and punch my lights out. DON'T LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!
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    dastangdastang Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2015
    Hi, i want to share with good idea.

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    carguy178carguy178 Member Posts: 1
    This is dangerous. I have dangerous places to pull out with high speed cars coming at me. I don't trust it. Also it is VERY hot were I live so having the AC turn off at the temperatures that a manufacture would come up with is not acceptable.
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    laesquirelaesquire Member Posts: 4
    Maybe it's only at the initial cold start, but I had understood that most engine wear actually comes from starting the engine rather than driving. If there are any engine wear or battery replacement concerns, I'd think the gas savings is not worth it. Anyway, I have a Jaguar XJ loaner with this start/stop technology and it's awful - the (brand new) car shudders each time the engine shuts off and starts back up again. I would never buy a car with this technology unless there is an override switch (loaner is going back tomorrow so haven't bothered investigating this in the XJ).
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    meteor10meteor10 Member Posts: 59
    i don't know of sure, but sometimes it becomes really annoying. also this system does not work properly at cold temps...
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    tom5355tom5355 Member Posts: 1
    What happens after you jump start one of these cars with the stop / start systems? I would think you'd be at high risk of the engine automatically shutting off before the battery had time to recharge from the alternator.
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    itsjrs041itsjrs041 Member Posts: 1
    Very, very foolish idea. Just because it seems okay over in Europe, doesn't mean its a good idea in America. I can only imagine how many lawsuits will be filed after people start getting killed for this nonsense. The replacement cost of the starter and battery, not to mention all of the other bypass garbage needed to keep everything running while the engine is off, will negate any potential fuel savings. If you are spending $40,000 on a new car, the price of gas should be the least of your concerns. Buy a bicycle. The motor companies aren't installing this junk for your benefit, they're just trying to make it past their CAFE requirements.
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    dennylkdennylk Member Posts: 1
    Bought a 2017 Ford F-150. HATE HATE HATE THIS STUPID FEATURE! Shutoff delay is way to short, we need a turn on option NOT TURN OFF, has to be hard on the engine, battery, starter. I've only had my truck for a month now and at least a dozen times it was restarting before completely shutting down.
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