Enginewity engine flush, anyone done it?

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Hi guys,

Has anyone done the www.enginewity.com engine flush treatment yet? They say that the sludge and varnish washes all out of the motor. Hopefully one of you guys have tried it out and has some experience.


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    The junk could lodge in an oil passage and block flow. Much safer to use a good synthetic oil over time to clean and protect better. Then you will not have to worry about sludge in the future.
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    I disagree. This is one of the new generation of vehicle maintenance flushes (transmission, steering , cooling) that extend vehicle life. I assume it is similar to the Bilstein engine flush which I had done at the Mazda dealer, it really does clean out the sludge and assist with oil flow in tight areas such as valve lifters and camshafts which are usually at the top of the engine and oil neglected. It really quiets down noisy lifters and reduces wear by removing stuff not reached by pouring in a can of engine flush before an oil change. I assume like the Bilstein it works with the engine off and solvents are pumped through then agitated and sucked out via the oil filter and drain plug. There is little danger of knocking loose sludge that will later cause engine failure. I think it is especially useful for older, used or high mileage cars. I would combine it with a fuel induction/ carbon clean service to clean out the fuel injection and upper cylinder area (think viagra for your car). It will drive like a new car afterwards.
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    Seems to not be as harsh
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    There is little danger of knocking loose sludge that will later cause engine failure.

    Sorry, I disagree and as a mechanic, I have seen it alot.
    There is more danger of knocking garbage into the oil pan and into the pickup tube than you think.
    I have pulled down several engines after they had an "engine flush". After a couple weeks after they had the flush, the engine started to knock.
    Pulled the pan and the pickup tube was caked with the hardened oil deposits and sludge.

    Now, IF it is done properly, meaning the oil pan is pulled and the flush performed, then it can be beneficial, but there are not many places that do it properly and not many people willing to pay the cost of having it done properly.

    You can believe what you want, but the track record I have seen with them, is that unless done properly or the vehicle was taken care of in the first place, it may do more harm than good.
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    What do you think of the Enginewity flush? I have been talking with the engineers that developed it and they say that there formula will actually liquify the sludge and the varnish instead of breaking it all loose. And then it drains out when you pull the oil pan plug. I have bought two bottles of the 1 pt. cleaner and will pour both bottles in and let the motor idle for 30 minutes and then drain and put in new Quaker state Syntec blend, let me know what you guys think.

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    Would I use it? Maybe, if I was doing the work.
    Would I recommend it? I don't have enough information on it to make a valid judgement.

    One thing that they have in their favor is this statement.
    You must see 20-30 pounds of pressure on the output gauge before adding the cleaner. Low backpressure on the gauge is indicative of extreme wear within the engine, a weak oil pump, or a bad pressure relief valve. This engine should not be done.

    I still maintain that after any engine flush, the pan should be dropped and the pan and pickup tube checked and cleaned.
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    I guess you've peaked my interest in the Enginewity flush. I've sent them an e-mail to see if they will let my guys do testing and a review on it. I guess if they say no, then I'll have an idea if it is something or not.
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    Thanks, keep us updated, the enginewity folks are very nice people and they will answer all of your questions with detail. www.enginewity.com
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    We see a lot [more than 1,600 of our customers] of over 100,000 mile engines. Some [20%] are pristine [even at 200k] due to adhearence to the 3,750 mile or 90 day oil change recommendation. The other 80% vary from pretty good to 1 day away from throwing a rod.
    Before we offer engine flushing services we evaluate the look of the oil before and after a change [after letting it idle for 30 minutes] do a cold and hot oil pressure reading.....after spending a hour of diagnostic [$90] we make the findings known. If the owner wants to proceed we get a signed release and the agreement to drop and clean the oil pan/pickup if necessary [$500 on an LS or Q, ES, GS].....then we start a monitored 2 hour cleaning process which can run another $300 or $800 with a pan drop.

    Nasty dirty process which could have been avoided by just changing oil from the beginning!
    Many of our customer purchased off lease models [or worse used car lot / auction high mile units] where minimal maintenance was done.
    Many way over paid considering the mileage and condition!
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    You dont think that i will hurt my engine with this flush do you? It is not sludged at all in the upper motor valve train and heads, I had to have Valve stem seals done and I didnot see any sludge at all, just that nasty orange varnish all over the place.
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