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Kia Sorento

steverstever Posts: 52,683
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  • carspy01carspy01 Posts: 137
    Thanks a lot, Steve, for starting the new forum. We love it. For all the new ones over here, please check the "KIA BL"-one as well, as this was the beginning of our discussion leading to the Sorento. See you all here!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    And let me know how Kia wants us to spell it :-)

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  • carspy01carspy01 Posts: 137
    Steve, bluewinds commented to one of my postings (Kia BL) before, and the story behind it is that Kia in Korea originally had a contest in regard to the shape of the logo. The spelling there was Sorrento with 2 r's like the city in Italy. However, Kia decided to change it to Sorento. Keep it like that for now!
  • I want a new Sorento now! I've been waiting and looking for spy pics allover the internet dreaming. I already have a Sportage, but it would be nice to have a Sorento to go along with it.

    I keep seeing them everywhere, but the KIA logo is always masked.

    With buyer demand, I think this one just might make it to dealerships BEFORE Fall 2002.
  • Sorento with one 'R' is a city in Illinois. That resolves the issue with one versus two Rs. And aligns more with their apparent U.S.-city naming convention (Sedona).

    Does anyone know the competitive set in which Kia expects the Sorento to compete? At the L.A. Auto Show they said the Explorer and the Pathfinder. But from what I'm reading lately, that doesn't seem right. Perhaps there is no direct competitor for the Sorento (yet).
  • Definitely like what I see so far. Has anyone heard a price estimate or when they will hit the showrooms?
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    Any inclination about fuel economy for the Sorento? The same 3.5L V6 in the Sedona doesn't get very good fuel economy ratings and it doesn't have to lug around the extra weight of a low range 4WD system. I would expect to see number in the V8 gas hog range of 12-18 mpg. Any thoughts?
  • Latest word is to expect them in August
  • The last I heard was around $20,000. Knowing Kia, that's fully loaded.
  • I have gassed up twice now. A total of 32.6 gallons. I have gone 594 miles on that in mixed driving around Austin. So, my gas mileage is about 18.2 miles per gallon.

    My old car was a 1997 Sebring convertable with a 2.5L engine. I averaged about 19.8 miles per gallon with similar driving. Considering the engine size and the weight of the Sorento I think the mileage is reasonable. The EPA sticker said 15 MPG City and 20 MPG Highway.

    The next time I drive down to Houston I'll check the highway mileage.

  • bb8bb8 Posts: 60
    My wish list for The Sorento tranny is 5 speed automatic, why does Kia design in a 4 speed automatic tranny?
  • carspy01carspy01 Posts: 137
    Hi, everyone, I'm back.
    Please check out the official Korean Kia-site:
    Click the language Korean (NOT English), do NOT download the Korean text display, there it is! The animation (second Korean link) is pretty cool, but takes forever. Very nice photos, even a 7-seater configuration!!! Too bad we won't get half of the goodies! See you around. As always.
  • yoonnyyoonny Posts: 33
    Where is the buzz? This is seriously best looking SUV. Europeans agreed on one of their initial image survery beating out Lexus RX300. Kia's image will change with the new Sorento. I checked out

    The price starts at $15,700 and tops off at $20,800. (converted at $1 = 1300 won) This SUV has everything that new Honda Pilot has for a few thousands less. Nice touches like 3rd row seats, headlight washers, etc. Wow!

    I don't know how Kia will sell Sportage with this on their line up though.

  • Lexus or a Kia...I can't read the writing on the wall :)
  • bb8bb8 Posts: 60
    Where is it? I would like to see the pictures, thanks!!!!!!
  • yoonnyyoonny Posts: 33
    click on the link on post #14 then you will see a picture of Sorento on the right side of the page. Right under it has links(the line where it says "e-Catalog"), click the second link from the left side of that line. It will open up a new window (takes a while)and when it opens up just play with whatever clickable words (objects) you can find.
  • bb8bb8 Posts: 60
    Thanks! I saw it, totally impressive, the 7 seating arrangements are far superior than the Honda Ody Magic seats, impressive very impressive.
    I saw the price 27 millions Won (under $21,000)for the highest model limited edition, the leather seat, LCD DVD entertainment system is optional or what? I can't read the Korean Characters... sigh!!!!
  • cb70cb70 Posts: 226
    Nice research!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,236
    will probably stay with Sportage if Kia doesn't make a manual tranny available for Sorento! Nice looking SUV though!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • cb70cb70 Posts: 226
    5 passenger Sorento.

    Maybe they will come out with the rear seats at a later date?

  • carspy01carspy01 Posts: 137
    The Korean webpage I mentioned in posting #13, which led to all the links yoonny checked out, just shows what KIA puts in a vehicle in their home market. The Santa Fe in Korea has a 7-seater configuration as well, and lots of other stuff, we did not see so far. And I'm pretty sure we won't. And in Europe neither. However, it shows what's possible in such a size vehicle. Even in larger SUV's in the US-market the room of a third row seating is debatable, as usually the leg room is pretty bad for larger than 6 footers. And most of us are. For the Sorento, the US will not get the 7-seater configuration. Nor the Navigation system or the headlight washers. The Sorento in Korea though does not have the side curtain airbags yet, which will be available here. And, and, and. But the good thing is that KIA will kick some serious butt with the Sorento in whatever configuration they will market here. And I can only repeat what I said in an earlier posting: The Sorento will be another important Milestone for KIA here and around the world.
  • carspy01carspy01 Posts: 137
    I just found out, that the Sorento will be available in Europe with a 2.5l Common-Rail Diesel, a 2.4l 4-cyl., and 3.5l V6. At least the Diesel and the 4-cyl. will be available with manual transmissions! That might give "the manual tranny front" some hope for the US as well!
  • dookissdookiss Posts: 3
    i don't know why korean car maker doesn't make navigation system available here. actually i wanted to buy hyundai sonata last fall, since it looks good to me and i know korean car is good enough to drive. (i am korean student in us graduate school). but i needed the car with navigation system since i cannot find the location without it. so i bought acura tl. it is a good car, but not good enough for additional $12,000 and i don't want to pay over $30,000 for a car. kia optima, daewoo magnus, hyundai sonata and of course hyundai xg all have navi in korea. i heard even elantra will get one. sorento looks real good to me. i think i will buy this one 2 years later, if they make good navi available. i always keep the car 3 years.
    march madness starts. go blue devils. go spartans. coach k and izzo is greatest, aren't they?
  • yeppyepp Posts: 5
    Why not just get a map?
    Offering luxuries such as navSYSTEMS may go against Hyundai's philosophy of offering a lot for less.
    Think about it: A 18k car with a navSYSTEM?
  • carspy01carspy01 Posts: 137
    Dookiss, thanks for the posting. Great to have you. We are all "imports", aren't we? Somehow at least. And you are absolutely right: in Korea you find much more models with a navi-system of some kind. It's the same in Europe. The new Ford Fiesta (smaller than the Focus, guys!!!) will have a navi as an option, so do endless other French, Italian etc. brands, even GM's Opel Corsa - all smaller that the Elantra! We come out of highly populated countries, dookiss, and we are used to other things, but the systems will come over here, too. Just takes time. And for yepp, those things are cheaper than you imagine! And, yes, I believe a 18k car with a navi is absolutely possible. Hey, just wait, even though it's not planned yet for the US-Sorento, KIA and the Hyundai-group in general will surely surprise us with the face-lifted XG (already introduced in Korea) for 2003, and surely in a year or two with a Sorento Limited which will have the navi option! As always, stay safe!
  • Guys,

    It appears that the Sorento will be pretty popular in the US market. Here in Korea, it is a stunning sucess. I work for Hyundai on the diesel engine side so the common rail engine system is becoming the market standard here in Korea and in Europe.

    The price for the Sorento has not been decided for the US market, as of yet. With that said, maybe guys in product planning already figured out the price. Anyway, the fully loaded Sorento is about 29Million won, which is about $22,307. This is with the 2.5L common rail diesel engine. The US model will be equipped with 3.5L ,with different engine software than that of the XG350.

    Let see if the Sorento rocks..!!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,236
    discuss(or any of the other posters here)whether Kia will offer a Sorento model with manual transmission? It looks to be only electronically-controlled automatic transmission offered so far. Also, do you know any of the 2003 Sportage changes that are in the works? Body redesign or mechanical changes? Spill the beans if you feel free to!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Hi..
    I guess some people are looking for the Sorento with manual tranny. However for your dissapointment, there will be no manual tranny for the Sorento.
    As far as the changes in the Sportage is concerned, there will be no major changes. There are rumors to upgrade the engine with the V-6 2.5 found in the Optima but then again that is just a rumor.

    Just for your info, here at HQ a black Sorento with is displayed. It looks really sweet..
  • carspy01carspy01 Posts: 137
    Hope you can kind of understand the following:
    an=njong ha-shim-ni-kka, kiloserra? na nun han-gug-mar=ul mot ham-nida. dog=il mar=ul ha-shim-ni-kka?
    Thanks a lot for your input. I just need to find the pictures of the manual transmission for Europe of the Sorento - I have them somewhere...
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